What do you think of this idea? Bleeding red hooks on an HJ14 Clown....

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Wannabitawerm, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Wannabitawerm

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    Last time out, the walleye broke the front treble on my HJ14 clown. I ended up cutting the rear hook as it imbedded in one of the knots on my net. I went to Dick's yesterday and replaced all 3 hooks on it with size 4 Gamagatsu size 4 bleeding red trebles. Man does this thing look hot. I still have another with the originals, so I plan on doing some field testing. I also bought some red locking barrel swivels. I don't know if it will matter, but I'll keep you all posted on the results.

    I also did the same with an HJ14 Chrome/blue. We'll see if it makes a difference.

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  2. K gonefishin

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    During tourney fishing this year I had a couple super hot Reef Runners that got mangled so I replaced the front hooks with red ones and they got even hotter and caught biggger fish. I noticed the fish was actually hooked right in the top of there mouth by the red hook, meaning they hit it different than the other hooks and they went straight for the head. I caught enough fish on them to actually see the difference in how they got hooked. I use a top red hook on my harnesses, and low and behold hooked from that one as well. I learned alot this year with tackle tweaking and it defintely made me a better fisherman. Lots of little clues to pay attention to when fishing a tourney and it's helped in fun fishing as well. I am a believer in red hooks. I catch alot of fish on cranks that come with red hooks as well, like deep super rouges, everytime I put them in the water I get fish on them when husky's or reef runners aren't catching, I say it's partly due to the red hooks. Over winter I plan on swapping out alot of hooks with red ones for next year, it's time consuming and a pain in the arse but I can't argue with results.

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    some of the smithwick rogues come with red trebles,so why not.
  4. I field tested the "Red Hook" theory for a season. On cranks I used two of the same lures, one with regular hooks, the other with red. There was a noted difference in strike to catch ratio with the red. I also tried with red worm hooks as opposed to regular non color with the same result. This was in the spring time. As summer approached however the difference was reversed, so I tried bright nickel hooks with better results. Fall pattern marked a difference again through Nov. and red seemed to be the key. What works one week may not always produce the next. Hope this helps. :B
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    I tried the same thing fishing for pike in Canada this year. I found no difference between the red vs. original hooks.
    Might be different with different species.
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    If I remember correctly red is the first wavelength of light to disappear below say 6 ft or so. I not sure how that affects hook color as a fish sees it but I would think that if your lure is running 10+ft it might not make a difference whether it’s red or not.
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    I'm really excited about the responses. We'll see what happens.
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    ive believed for a long time in red hooks. gamakatsu are the best and all i use. you can get EWG from janns netcraft pretty reasonably. all my spoon boxes look like this and im working on my cranks now.

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    somehow all i see is santa claus and christmass ornaments. you got a whole lot of red there L.O.L.
  10. i think red hooks look nice but i have never seen any good evidence pointing to red hooks actually making a difference, they catch fisherman better than they catch fish. as a side note putting new trebles on your baits is always a good idea, even the s i trust i put new trebles on when i get them, stronger sharper hooks will mean more fish in the boat. another trick i like is putting big heavy trebles on minnowbaits, it retards the woble and roll of the bait and on floating baits makes them almost suspend, not as good a trick with suspenders though
    the baits you got look nice, you should catch some fish with them