What do you pull your boat with?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishpro, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Fishpro

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    I'm going to be buying a truck soon mainly just to pull my boat with, and was wondering what you guys are using? How many use a 2WD? I'm looking to buy a 4x4, but could you get by without it? What about 6 cylinders as opposed to 8 for the gas milage? Thanks.:D
  2. Hook N Book

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    What size boat and how much does it weigh...?

  3. SwollenGoat

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  4. ShakeDown

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    I've towed with both 6cyls and 8's (currently 8). I get better gas mileage towing with my 8 (doesn't work as hard) than i did with any 6, however slightly worse when not towing.
  5. OSU_Fisherman

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    I tow an 18' Ranger with a Dodge Dakota 4x4 with the 4.7L V8. Gas mileage is not great, but the power is more than enough. Can't beat 4x4 in my opinion...its just a little extra insurance. But again, we do not know what type of boat you're trying to pull...so you could very well be fine with a 2WD 6 Cylinder
  6. ncraft150

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    I use a Ford F-150 ext. cab 4X4 with Triton V8. My previous truck was a Ford Ranger with a 4.0 V6. Both trucks had plenty of power for towing, but the Ranger got worse gas milage and it was a lot worse when it came to stopping. I have about a 3 mpg gain with the F150 compared to the Ranger. The 4 wheel disc brakes are amazing for stopping power on the F150 also. The Dodges and Toyotas are the worst if your looking for MPG. A flowmaster and a k&n filter system will add about 3 mpg to your new truck also and will be my next upgrades. I think the 4X4 only takes more gas if you are in 4 wheel drive, but the tow ratings are always lower on a 4X4 compared to a 2 wheel drive.
  7. krustydawg

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    Same as ncraft150. F150 V8 4X4. My rig weighs approx. 4500 lbs. Pulls the boat with no problem (2 times year since I dock):D .
  8. I have 1992 chevy full size pickup truck 2wd.. It pulls my 16ft stratos bass boat and does fine. When finding the right vehical first look at the total weight of what your pulling then look at the towing weights of the truck your interested in and that should make your life real easy. I have never had a prob. pulling my boat and have never spun out at any ramps pulling my boat out.
  9. ezbite

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    i have a 6 cyl trailblazer and my next one will be an 8 cyl or at least have different gear ratio rear end. toes great except when i have 3 adults and all the gear going up hills, then i can watch the gas gage moving to empty.

    i vote for 4WD. last year at ashtabula i had to use 4 wheel to pull out of the water. seems that with all the power loading going on at the ramps they got a few holes in the ends in them. i was backing the trailer down the ramp and it (rear wheels) just dropped out of sight. i was already there and did not move to the other ramp, i loaded the boat and when i tried to pull it out my rear wheels just spun because of the holes and tires being wet. dropped into 4 low and was on my way to the tiedown area. i probably would have needed toed out if i didnt have 4WD.
  10. Fishpro

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    Right now, I'm driving a '98 Blazer with a v6. My boat is a 19' aluminum with a 130hp I/O, so yeah, its got a little weight to it. I haven't had any problem as of yet, but I try to avoid steep ramps whenever possible.;) This year, I don't want to be limited to where I can launch, and I'd feel safer with a larger truck. Back last august, I had a lady pull out in front of me when I was doing about 50mph, and I did some moves that would have impressed Dale Earnhart so I could miss her.:eek: With a bigger truck, I probably could have stopped.:D
  11. MINES a 2005 F 150 4x4 , 5.4 motor , pull a 1775 pro v it eats gas, [it eats gas empty too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 10pmg pulling 12empty .
  12. 2004 Ford F150 extended cab 4x4 with the 5.4 pulling around 3300#. 13 mpg towing if I stay around 55/60 mph and 17/18 gph highway. Have never had to use the 4wd to pull off a ramp but there is always the first time. I did install a K&N Filter plus dual exhaust and didn't get much of a mileage gain but did get more merging and passing power which is what I was looking for.

    You have a large (heavy) enough boat to warrant a full size truck or SUV to be safe during sudden stops or evasive maneuvers. Just my opinion.
  13. 1995 Dodge Dakota Ext cab w/Magnum V8 towing my Triton Tr-18 was no problem-stopping good too! Great gas milage not towing because not alot of truck for engine to move, unless you wanted to do donuts on dry pavement!!!(Way too much power) and very dependable. Still trying to replace that truck. Oh well, accidents happen!
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    v6 safari van

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  15. fishingguy

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    My boat weighs about 2000 pounds, use a Ford explorer, 6 cylinder, all wheel drive. No problems. It's a stick so you got to be careful when pulling the boat out. I use a wheel block with a string tied to it block the tires. When my son pulls the boat out, I pull the block out. A little insurance to guard against a stall out. If for no other reason, it makes me feel better.
  16. OSU_Fisherman

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  17. K gonefishin

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    2007 Trailblazer SS with a 6.0 litre. 400 hp 400 ft torgue, I get 12.1 daily and around 10-11 towing, this motor is weird I get the almost the same MPG towing, highway and street. Gas pig from the word go. Tows unbelievable though, got air bags in the rear for the heavy boat weighing in a little over 5K loaded with trailer.
  18. chaunc

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    92 Chevy Caprice Classic. V-8. Been pulling my lund mr. pike 16.6ft with it for almost 4 years now. I make an annual trip from PA to Ky lake yearly with it. Only had one problem and that was coming home last year. The muffler pipe broke. I have to be careful stopping in gravel but no problem other than that. Got 140K on it. Cost me more in gas there and back than it did for my lodging for the whole week.:D
  19. Hook N Book

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    Do you have brakes on your boat trailer? If so, stopping should not be an issue and maybe they need to be checked out. Just a thought.

    The lack of a large difference in MPG is that you have a rather large margin on engine power versus tow weight. Add anther 4-5k and I'll gaurantee you'll notice a difference. :D
  20. Seaturd

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    I tow about 2000 or so lbs worth of Lund, Johnson, Shoreland'r and assorted other crap with my 2004 Dakota 4x4, 4.7 V8 and 5 speed. The truck don't even know it's back there and with the 4 wheel discs stopping has never been a problem. I've not ever checked my mileage while towing but it doesn't seem to drop off that much.