What do you do with left over after cleaning

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by still casting, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Just wondering what every one else does with the guts after cleaning there catch. Trash only comes once a week , (for me on fridays) so if i clean fish today the guts sit in a can a week under hot temps like were getting now , it really smells. I keep the can away from the garage but you still get that smell. I could always dump it in a business dumpster , but don't really want to do that any ideas. Thanks.
  2. wrap them up in newspaper put them in a plastic garbage bag and freeze them until fri.

  3. misfit

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    ditto what murphy said.
    i do it all the time.
  4. Toxic

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    Same here! My freezer gets full in the summer with walleye.
  5. I throw them in the farmers field. Feeds the buzzards.
  6. Bury them in the garden, its excellent fertilizer .....even if you wrap it in newspaper beforehand.
  7. I throw them in the river, put them out for coyote/cat bait, or bag them up and put in a friends car. Another good place is on top of an under the car mounted spare tire on a friends car. It takes people a while to find it there.
  8. I believe that is illegal.
  9. garden fertilizer! i have been doing it for years with my guts and dead bait. last year i ran out of room in the garden, everywhere i dug there were rotting fish. just so happens by mid-summer i had a bountiful crop and 8ft tall tomato plants :) :)
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    I've got the best garden in the neighborhood due to all the guts from my fishing and many friends whose remnants get buried in the garden. No, not my friends, but from the many fish they clean!! No garden, how about flower beds, rose bushes or even a neighbor with a garden....
  11. shroomhunter

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    Garden and flowerbeds for me as well!!!
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    Throw them in the back yard the cats and buzzards love me. My neighbors love it too. They use to let there dog run wild until it got in to it. Stopped that.
  13. If you have a pond, here is what you can do:

    Take four stakes, posts, 2x4's, whatever you can get. Next get a square piece of wire mesh. Make a table like structure out of the wood. Take the piece of mesh and cover the top of the square structure.

    Your end product will look something like a table, with four legs, and wire mesh as the top of the table. Place the object in the pond, close to the bank. Wherever you decide to place the structure, make sure the water is shallow enough that the wire mesh is above the water.

    Whenever you clean your fish, take the waste (guts, etc.) and place it on the mesh. After a while flys will arrive, soon thereafter maggots. Those maggots will fall off the rotting entrails, through the mesh, and into the pond.

    Bluegill will move in and sit under that mesh to eat whatever insects and maggots fall through the mesh. Turn on the smorgasbord for your bluegill!
  14. Double wrap them in plastic grocery bags and freeze them. Throw them out the next trash day.
  15. i'm with you i freeze a few bags then take them to my buddies land and let the yotes have it