What do you consider neccesary in a trolling motor

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by Coot, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Coot

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    I know it's nice to have everything BUT

    17' G3 with a Yamaha 40HP 4 stroke

    walley - muskie - crappie

    MinnKota for sure.

    55 or 70# thrust ?

    Autopilot ?

    Terrova or Power Drive ?

    Would you give up the 70# and use the additional money for autopilot or give up the autopilot and get 70# ?
  2. 70# power drive, w/auto pilot....if you can afford it. (And what true fisherman can't find an extra $200 for an essential option?) :)

    If you'll be put out of the house on that amount, then you can work around the lack of autopilot - it just cuts into your fishing because you'll spend more time on the pedal positioning the boat.

    However, there is no substitute for thrust.

  3. esoxhunter

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    I always just say buy as much thrust as you can afford and IMO, get direct-drive/cable steering. Its so much quicker and more responsive than the electric steering.
  4. BITE-ME

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    I'de go with the 70# thrust. You'll appreciate the extra power when fighting the wind. The 70# is a 24volt system which will run longer than the 55# 12volt system with a single battery.