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  1. who thinks they should lower the legal drinking age to 18
  2. Thats a tricky question,...I dont really see any 18 yr olds around mature enough to handle drinking. That would be a recipe for disaster on prom or graduation night , kids just arent as mature as they used to be at that age. But on the other hand 18 is old enough to join the military and fight/die for our country so not being able to buy beer seems pretty stupid. Being a parent tho...I have to say if the higher drinking age saves even just one life then its worth it.

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    I don't know if things have changed but when I was in the Service we could drink at age 18. Both on and off base, in Aniston we would take leave and head straight to the liquor store. They would never question us about our age.
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    i think it's just another one of those subjects that has no real redeeming value except for passing time on a fishing site because you couldn't think of anything better;)
  5. Just saw something about this on tv, maybe was 60 Minutes. Guy promoting 18 agreed driving deaths go down vs. 21 but other deaths from parties, binges, hazings, etc. go up. He recommended 18 but with a license, similar to driving. Have to attend class on effects, etc. of drinking and pass a test to get "drinking" license, and could have license revoked for infractions.
  6. I'd advocate the old Ohio days. 3.2 beer from 18-21...It help me learn to handle a buzz... If you're old enough go join the armed forces or get married, you should be able to have a beer. Plus I think young people can be more responsible with designated drivers. That invention came after my youth....

    If MADD had their way, the drinking age w/b 25 or 30...

    Of course it will never go to 18. The Fed. govt. has blackmailed the states to raise it to 21 or lose money for highways. State rights don't exist. The Feds believe in the golden rule. They have the gold so they make the rules.
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  7. the problem with the 3.2 law as i see it is....3.2 or "low beer" always tested about 3.1 or so. "6%" or "high beer" was usually only about 4.2 or so....not that big of difference. Most kids that want to drink when they are 18 will find a way. I always figured if you could join the service or legally get married at 18 why not be able to buy beer? I guess i'd differ to the so called experts though before casting my vote.
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    The kids nowaday are just plain stupid, have no common sense brought down by bad parents! I seriously doubt it they be able to handle it and with cell phone stuck to ears.
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    funny how each generation seems to have the same attitude about the younger generation.
    just a different generation that's all.it's us older people who've changed.
  10. i mean i am 19 and when i am sitting at home some times i whish i was able to just sit here and sit on some beers i like to just hang out and watch tv and play pool and surf the internet and i would like to be able to have a beer while i do it
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    I see a big problem with lowering it that not many 18 year olds have there own home/residence. So having nowhere to relax and drink leads to lets drive around and drink (at least thats what we did). That puts everyone on the road in danger, personally I think they should bann drinking and legalize umm.. a more organic means of relaxation, but thats a whole diffrent subject.
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    I'm legally drinking a beer while reading this thread, so I am getting a kick out of these replies!
  13. This may sound crazy to some of you but I believe parents need to teach their children how to drink responsibly.
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    But it wont ever happen nor SHOULD it ever happen.

    Alot of people are just starting to experiment with alcohol at 18 and don't yet know what there capable of drinking (or what actions there capable of engaging in while under the influence).

    Simply put most everyone under the age of 21 has a reckless disposition to begin with, not to mention a drivers license.

    And if you lowered the age to 18 you would basically be lowering the age to 14. Think about it, any 18yo senior would be MORE then willing to buy some underclassmen a few cases for a few extra $. Now were talking about 16yo's fresh out of driving school with trunks full of beer....It would be a nightmare.

    I've personally known three people who have had serious accidents while under the influence. One went flying off Hayden rd bridge into Griggs res. after drinking an exorbitant amount of beer (he survived). Another crashed into someones house after partying all night (he too survived). Sadly the third person (RIP Billy) blacked-out while driving down riverside drive and ended up drowning in the Scioto river (note the cross/memorial on the northeast side of 33 just after you pass the rebuilt culvert). All 3 were under the age of 21.

    Yes you can get married, yes you can be drafted to serve your country in a time of war, but sorry, your not mature enough to have a license and unfettered access to alcohol. (btw one of the main reasons other countries have lower drinking ages is due to the fact that most of their teenage population does not drive)
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  15. Agreed, Alcohol kills, doesn’t matter if you are driving a car or not....
  16. by the age of 18 kids most kids have already experimented with Alcohol and most likely some Drugs as well. when i was 18 i had no problem obtaining Alcohol, just had to ask a friend who was legal lol. those who wish to drink are gonna drink, might just cost a little more. if you are old enogh to be drafted or enlist to go and fight for our country and/or die you should be able to do as you please, you are an Adult (or at least legally an adult and are held to that standard). if not then i think the age requirement to enlist/be drafted should be raised to 21, i think that should be the age anyways. enlisting is a BIG decision/responsibility and i dont think an 18 year old is mentally capable enough yet to make that decision or be put through that kind of pressure.
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    Well I am gonna have to say yes and no to that one, for a few different reasons. The reasons for yes is, I think if you are old enough to serve you country and give your life, I think they should lower it under certain laws and guidances. For the reason no is, I also truly believe that most 18 year old are not mature enough to handle alcohol and that would defiantely lead to more stupid driver on the road and ultimately more fatal accidents
  18. I do not understand how the government says you are mature enough to join the military at 18 and go and fight and possibly kill someone but don't you dare have a beer afterwards. Also, 18 is the age that legally you become an adult, you are charged as an adult if you commit a crime. So I am not mature enough at 18 to drink a beer but I am mature enough to understand right from wrong if I commit a crime? They shouldn't be able to have it both ways. If you are not mature enough to drink at 18 then the military should raise the enlistment age to 21 and the courts should also raise it to 21 as a legal adult. I know guys that are 45 and are more immature than some 18 year olds, maturity is about the person not the age. I know you have to have cut off age but it should be one or another. Statiscally men ages 28-34 are the most likely to drink and drive.
  19. Ive seen how each generation seems to get farther and farther away from the good sense and moral values that were common in years past. They tend to "party" more with less care for the consequences of their actions. I was at a stoplight near the highschool yesterday around lunchtime and a teenage couple close to graduation age were standing on the corner groping each other while smiling at us in the cars almost as if to put on a show. This isnt the same as drinking but Im pretty sure this didnt happen when I was that age and Im only 38. Those kids dont need legal alcohol in a year when they are 18 , they will kill kill somebody or themselves. Im not saying that ALL 18 yr olds cant handle it or that they are ALL the way these teens are but it seems to account for more and more of them all the time. I do think that requiring a military I.D. to buy beer at 18 isnt a bad idea. I joined the military at 19 and was very offended that I couldnt legally drink. One interesting thing happened while I was in training though , the base commander lowered the drinking age on base for July 4th. Im not sure that was legal.
  20. A big ditto to that Steve..unfortunately now alot of kids go away to college to learn to drink from their friends.