what do i do with these eggs??

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  1. got a question....whats the best way to cure eggs? should i even do anything to them? or use them the way they are? i have heard so many different things i am lost. Got a nice female today so gave it to my neighborand told him to just save me the eggs,now i have a bag of eggs in my freezer and not sure what to do next LOL. any suggestions?:confused:
  2. if your gonna use them all with in a month do nothing! If your gonna use them over a longer period of time cure them.

  3. I would of split them up and not froze them all together!!! Once you thaw them you're done, you will have to use them all.
  4. I'd recommend curing and refridgerating rather than freezing, but as was allready said if you are going to freeze them divide them up into smaller portions before freezing. As far as cures, I prefer 'Eg-Cure' that I get from Erie Outfitters http://www.erieoutfitters.com/ and the 'Flash Cure' from there is another popular choice, or you can get the Atlas Shake 'n' Cure at all the big box stores. The Atlas brand cure seems to be stronger (chemical wise that is) so if using that, I'd go with less curing time than they suggest and rinse very thoroughly afterwards. Also it is best to use purified/filtered water or bottled water, since our tap water has many trace metals in it that can leech into the eggs and their scent could be unappealing to picky fish. Get some nylon mesh squares and 'Magic Thread', 'Spider Thread', or 'Ghost Coccoon' (Best) and tie up your loose eggs into sacs. Store in an air tight container in the fridge and they will last you for several months.

  5. Good to hear that you found a use for the whole fish!

    Even if you don't like to eat them, you probably could easily enough find someone who would be more than happy to have some steelhead fillets. I think it's really a shame to kill these fish just for bait. No they are not the tastiest of table fare, but when smoked properly or cooked up as salmon patties they can be pretty good sometimes.

  6. My neighbor eats just about any fish i bring to him (except carp) so it works out pretty good....and they are froze in 4 different bags. thanks for the advicee guys!!
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