what do fish do when the rivers blow out?

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  1. i was checking out the rocky last week when the all the melt and rain blew it up and i was wondering what ALL the fish do in that situation. it just seemed that in such a shallow river there was no where to hide or hold your ground.
    does this push more fish towards the lake?

    justa simpleton's questions i guess.
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    always wondered that myself? anyone know?

  3. I don't know for sure what they do, but I do know that steelies don't like to be in such conditions (super fast and muddy water), so it would make sense to me that they do all that they can to avoid it. I have heard that too muddy of water is very irritating to their gills and for them to maintain their position in constant heavy current would be too exhausting. I know that while a river is blown many steelies will move to smaller feeder creeks that have lowered faster and have cleaner flowing water. I have also heard that some of the fish will retreat all the way back to the lake and make another run once the river lowers again. As for the fish that stay in the blown rivers, I would think that they must hunker down behind current breaks that would shield them from heavy current and perhaps better shield their gills from the muddiest water. I'm certainly no expert, and these are mainly somewhat educated guesses I'm making here...it would be great to hear an expert opinion on the matter.
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    Not an expert but do know that they look for slack water. They move to the edges and I bet last week they were hiding behind trees up in the woods:D
  5. Some will return to the lake, others will hold in pocket water and eddies, others will find clearer feeding tribs that don't have as much silt in the water (irritates their gills), and some will probably be on the subtle current breaks the stream bottom creates.
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    Hide of course! With water velocity much higher on top than would be on the bottom they will take cover behind large rocks ,crevices in the beds where the less resistance. I also found that they bunch up below water falls right on the bottom and on the side of Eddies also. But I have caught a bunch of fish on top when the dirty water starts to go down enough especially with black colors. If they are hungry you will be able catch them.
  7. They look for objects which they can use to protect themselves from the fast current. if they cant find anything they stick to bends in the river, and stay along the shore lines.