what depth to fish?

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  1. I've never really done much catfishing. I have accidentally caught them while bass fishing before but I've never really set out to specifically target them. I've read a lot on OGF about different baits to use and whatnot so I've got a pretty good idea of what to use, but I'm wondering where the best place to try is. Mostly, is it more productive to use a bobber or fish on the bottom?

    Also, can anyone tell me why all of my questions are so stupid? HAHA
  2. i have been just throwing some chicken liver on a big hook and tossing it out behind me on the boat while i fish for bass on the other side, i never use a bobber for that.just let sit on the bottom, , no questions are dumb on here man were all just trying to become better fisherman, or better liars:B

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    I usually fish right on the bottom, however as Summer progresses and water temps stay high, the catfish will be suspended off the bottom. The really deep waters will not have sufficient oxygen in lakes. When this happens, you have to just keep adjusting your depth until you find them or take the easy way out and use a fish finder.

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    Whether fishing the bank or a boat the depth will change, but one thing I will assure you is that they will all catch fish. I fish from as shollow as 2 foot to 20ft in the summer. More often then not the 2-10foot range even in the middle of the day. As for bobbers, use them/don't use them.
    I love to watch a bobber go under, but usually only use them for channel cats.

    Just keep trying and the fish will come.

  5. Cool. Thanks guys. It's appreciated.
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    as Rob said...depth changes constantly...with progressively increasing water temps, fish will suspend and come up higher in the water levels...when fishing for big flatheads...submerged timber in around 10'-12' of water in the dead heat of summer can be very productive...and usually they will be in that depth range or shallower (8ft or less)... so when fishing lakes or rivers with little current we alsways use slip bobbers but when dealing with heavy current, we're right on the bottom...hope this helps