What day and time is the stock at Antim

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  1. does any one know what what day the stock is and what time they are doing it at
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    i heard the day before thanksgiving, round 11 oclock and the place is packed,so beware youll be rubbing shoulders with plenty of fishermen. theres plenty of trout from last stock..........see u there

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    Am I understanding this right? People wait, shoulder to shoulder, for the DNR truck to pour trout into the lake. They then immediately catch the trout.
    What's the point, why not just buy trout at the grocery, or use a net and scoop them out of the DNR truck. If people enjoy "fishing" this way that's their own choice, but I prefer some sport to my sportfishing.
  4. it disgusts me how people wait shoulder to shoulder.

    our taxes are paying for fish to be dumped and killed?

    triton said it good..immediately catching these fish and killign them.

    unless your taking your wife or kid, then step up and actually
    put some sport into sportfishing.
  5. go to the mad river or something.

    let the kids, women, and non privelaged kids enjoy it. it only
    happens a few times a year.

    of course i could go and slay them, but then id be
    taking it away from the kids most importantly.

    i used to just go and watch the kids enjoy it.....
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    now that has to be about the most asinine statement i've read here in a long time:confused::rolleyes:

    guess i should take my kids and grandkids with me next time so i don't feel so trashy:eek:

    btw,those breeders they stock at thanksgiving are beyond their productive years and our taxes would be wasted more by continuing to keep and feed them instead of releasing them for people to get some fun and food out of them.
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    HUMMEL, interested to know what you actually did mean with that one?[​IMG]
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    post #8628.............................there was no sarcasm meant.i was merely stating a fact based on my observations over the years of of making those 8,627 posts:)
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    Now, now boys. Take a deep breath, count to 10. Take a nap and settle down. :D
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    i fell asleep before i got to 7:p :p :D

    ps...................get back outside and finish cleaning up those leaves:p
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    i bet there are some fish to be had today!!

    working OT stinks
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    Brian, this is NOT sportfishing. Nonetheless it is the closest source of trout in central ohio and im not going to pass up the oppurtunity to stuff my face with some rainbows. its a great oppurtunity for children and beginners as well. Im sensing some tensions rising within this forum.......chill
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    LOL.if i got any colder,i'd be a popcicle:p :D
  15. Just because you show up doesnt mean you get to catch a fish let alone land it. Show up withyour ultra light and 2 pound test and see if theres any sport in it.
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    Sexism anyone? Why women? Hummel, go down to antrum and tell me how easy it is to catch those trout. Like someone mentioned, it is the only place in Columbus that has trout. Steelheading up on an Erie river or Walleye fishing out of the Maumee is arguably as easy.
  17. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    I went last year, got there late and did not catch a thing. Saw plenty of trout just sitting there and not hitting anyones bait. I might be back this year just to catch some trout and have some fun, and spend time with my dad.

    Also I C&R
  18. I am just wonderring, do you use electronics when you fish? You know, someting that might tell you exactly where the fish are. If you do, someone might say that is not sportfishing!

    To each their own, if someone wants to catch trout from a stocked lake, they should be free to do so without ridicule from you!

    Have some fun, try to catch some fish! Relax!
  19. is it that hard for some 1 to just tell me the day of the stock and what time they stock it at and it isnt that easy to catch em i went last year
  20. FINN

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    the day before thanksgiving, round 11 oclock AM and the place is packed,