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What constitutes a catch?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ying6, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Since it is getting cold outside. I have a general question for everyone who likes to fish. - I know there have been heated discussions on many boats, shorelines and piers throughout the country on this topic. A buddy catches a fish, gets it on land and it flops back into the water before you can grab it and hold it up.
    Was it a catch? There are probably as many different theories out there about what is a catch and what isn't as there are people on this site.
    so, the question is, what do you think constitutes a catch?

    Here is a recent event that had myself and a fishing buddy disagreeing. I was fishing off 72nd in Cleveland. Latched onto a monster eye and hulled the big guy (easily over 10lb) onto the crashing rocks beside us. My buddy, reached down not one time but 4 (give or take one) and could not get the big fish in the net. The last time, as it was sitting on the massive rock, a big wave came and hit the net into the fish, knocking the treble hooks out of it's mouth and the fish flopped back to live another day.
    I say catch, because I did everything possible and had the fish on land. My buddy said no catch because we didn't hoist it up and high five!
    I need some feedback, as I am sure everyone has a story similar to this.
  2. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Personally I would say catch, I would give you a line of crap about it :D but I would give you credit for it. Last year alone my son's had that type of thing happen at least 30 times. They are 5 & 6 so they are still working on the "set the hook" before you start reeling thing so I always give them credit for "catching" a fish. Now obviously I don't know you personally and I have to think you are older than 5 or 6 :p. It's not like you got the fish to the surface one time and it rolled and was gone........Sounds like you better give your fishing partner some "NET" lessons!! :D :p

  3. I guess everyone can set their own definition to a catch. And that would certainly fit many people's criteria. However, there are also those who would argue that it is not a catch until you have maintined control of the fish and did a proper release. After all, it would not be a catch in tournament fishing or if you were filling your possession to take home to eat. I think I would personally not count it but rather add it to the list of the "Big One that Got Away".:D

    But I would still give my fishing buddy all the hassle I could for screwing up with the net.;):D:D
  4. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    id say no, you never had total control over the fish.

    a catch to me results in an option of keeping or releasing the fish and you didnt have that option.

    still, that shouldnt detract from the experience at all!!

    just like in football :D if the receiver is bobbling the ball as he falls out of bounds, it isnt a catch.

  5. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I agree with hardwaterfan completely..just like football :D

    I also kind of look at it in a tournament aspect. They don't count unless you can get em to the scale, so I never consider em caught until they are 100% under control and in my possession.
  6. same thing happened to be with my only steelie encounter ever. I was fishing a small local pond with super small tackle to stock my aquarium. I took a look in the creek nearby and sure enough there was a nice steelie resting by a foot bridge. All i had was my microjig head but cast for it and he took it. got him to shore and grabbed him 4 times but you all know how slipperey trout are. on the last grab i just slipped a finger under his gill and he head shaked like crazy and actually broke the hook shank, fell down onto some rocks and back into the water. I say i've caught half a steelhead since i never actually had him fully in my possession. I never go anywhere without a net now.
  7. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Well first off, I don't think I would consider that person a friend anymore for losing your 10+ pound Eye', especially getting 4 swipes at it! Was it a minnow net or something!!! :D :D :D

    To me a true catch is having the fish controlled, meaning you could keep it, release it, photo it, or whatever you decide. If the fish decides then to me it's not a catch.

    I'm sure many will disagree with me but thats my personal take on the topic.
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Having the controll over the fish is what I say.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    If I don't have control over the fish, I don't consider it a catch, but like already stated, it doesn't lessen the fun of fighting the fish. If I take a new fisherman out or a child, if I see it then they caught it. But for those of us that fish often, you better not fumble it out of bounds or I will have to do instant replay and say it wasn't a legal catch... :)

  10. With as difficult as it is to net a walleye on the rocks at night, I would have to say that was a catch. Now if you're on a boat and the walleye shakes your lure as you're trying to net it, that's a different story.
  11. Dingo


    I consider it a catch when the hemostats hit the hooks. I had a similar issue with a 31" eye from a wall earlier this fall. After a few failed swipes, I was able to get the right net angle to get most of the fish in the net, leading to a successful catch and accurate measurement. If I would not have been able to get the fish into the net, I wouldn't have considered it a catch -- just a "big one that got away". It also would have been more like 36" as well :rolleyes:
  12. I know this sort of takes off on a tangent but then again it wouldn't be the first time that I did that.:D But I was wondering if anyone has tried modifying their net that they use from the piers? I have not fished the piers but have been out on Huron Pier to get a feel for what you are up against when netting. I know from reading here that most make an extension for their net. I was wondering if anyone has tried modifying the net itself by bending it at an angle to the handle so that you can dip the whole net under the fish and remain pretty much beside the one with the fish? It seems that it would be a difficult angle with a standard design net.
  13. Catch: to capture or seize, to hold firmly.
    Ummmm, sorry, ya hooked it, IMO

    A "Good Friend" would have dove in after it.
  14. EE


    first, I like some of the responses here and after thinking about them, I'd say no catch. At one point I had a similar experience with a Steelhead (in fact the first one I hooked), where I battled this fish for 10 came off the hook at my feet when I was trying to grab it and it flopped through the shallows and swam away. After these thoughts, I'd say I didn't catch it.

    second, there's nothing like throwing your "friend" under the bus ("not one, but 4 times"...). nice job. I would imagine there are stories up on piers, with big waves crashing in, where it takes twice that many stabs to net a big fish. (see Dingo's response).
  15. catking

    catking Banned

    The only fishing I know of that says " catch" without being able to handle the fish is Ocean fishing........ To me , if you cannot hold it, it's not a catch . My son cwcarper will probably disagree, since this means half the fish he has so called " caught" are really no a catch at all........ :cool: .THE CATKING !!!
  16. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    You may not have "caught" the fish but you did land it right? When telling the story of landing the +10lb. walleye, just leave out the part about it flopping back into the water!
  17. For those who say it is just like football, do you have to have posession with both feet on shore, or just one foot like college football? :D
  18. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    What if you are just fishing for enjoyment and are C&R-ing? If you are going to release the thing anyways, it might be considered a "quick release".

    This past November I got ahold of a real nice bass, over 3 lbs and my buddy missed it with the net. I had the fish out of the water and he put the net underneath. The fish flipped, came off the hook, hit the side of the net and went in. I was in a canoe and couldn't get him where I could reach him, so I left it up to my buddy. We counted it as a catch because we saw it and had it out of the water completely against its will. We were gonna release him in less than a minute anyways!

    Alot of times fishing is a 2 person sport. At times you need help getting the fish to you. You did your part, he failed. So I say catch for you, and a miss for your buddy! End of story!
  19. catking

    catking Banned

    on land, fish in possession. Just like the pros........ :D .DA KING !!!
  20. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    ying6, I think I was there that night, I gave you the smoke in the parking lot.

    I also agree with the football analogy, but I think 1 thing has to take place for a legitimate have to take the hook out of its mouth.

    I was at Punderson about 20 years ago when they released a bunch of those goofy lookin' gold trout and one jump out of the water and right onto my buddies lap. He caught it between his that a catch????