What causes these holes?

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  1. You can see in the pic what appears to be holes but they're not. They're solid,just curious as how they get there.They're not old holes either.[​IMG]
  2. Have saw that a couple of times myself, but not the number that is in the pic. Allways thought they was Old holes, iced over.

    Where is that Alum Creek ?

  3. It's one of the sportsman club ponds in Tuscarawas Co. Some of the holes you see are ones we drilled but about half aren't. Know there is beaver in the pond,could they be doing it?
  4. I think they are places where air bubbles are escaping while the ice is forming. You usually see it only in shallow mucky areas with alot of dying vegetation giving off gas. The decomposing vegetation also warms the water in the area Ive seen some ponds where those holes never freeze. It just means that at the point that the rain and snow was causing the white ice, those areas were still open. Notice the cracks running away from the holes. That lets you know that they werent drilled.
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    Ditto what Josh said, entrapped gasses.
  6. Makes sense to me,thanks. I know all about entrapped gases.:D There is alot of vegetation.
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    I have seen holes like that from goose poo . Goose poo seems to melt real good ,I have thoght about it for the driveway LOL.
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    im not sure how the holes start out, sounds like gasses could do it. the "cracks" are from water running into the holes. liquid water is heavier than ice. thats what rounds out and enlarges the holes and makes them look like old holes. they could have been only the size of a dime at first. thats why you dont see them till later after a few freeze/thaw/rain cycles. theyre solid because theyve frozen back over.

    the holes can get massive and dangerous. i read on that minnesota site a few years ago that the hole were getting big enough that permanent shanties were going under. also if you ever wonder why someone would drill a 14" hole on mosquito, thats not from an auger.
  9. UFO's do that when there are no crops to make circles in.
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    Yonder, you owe me a keyboard... sprayed it with coffee when I read that, and damn near died from choking... warn a guy before you do that will ya?
  11. Haha! Sorry about the keyboard, thought it might have that effect though :)
  12. When coyotes are out at night scavenging for food, they sometimes go on the ice where fishermen have left trash fish. (We used to leave the snagged carp and shad on the ice at Berlin back when it was a 'good walleye lake'.)While there, they get the "call of Nature", so to speak, and their hot urine melts the ice, creating those holes!
    (sounds good to me:)