What Cat is it?

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  1. Doc - I caught this dreadful thing fishing for LM and Smallies at Lake Erie (see attachment). I don't know what kind it is. anyhow - the good news is that in 2.5 days 3 of us caught 250+ Fish - And thank God only one of these! Crazy! - Herlunker

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    Channel Cat...nice one too

  3. Carpn


    Male channel cat...They get dark colored when they are spawning
  4. I bet that ole boy gave ya quite a surprise. Nice looking cat.
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    HA, ha, dreadful huh, yes it's a spawning Channel cat, some turn real dark during spawn, nodules above his eyes are swelled up big time, looks to be a pre spawn as his tail and back are not all beat up from being in the rocks, spawners will look like they have gone thru a meat grinder, tails all tatered and bleeding, heads all bleeding where there digging in the rocks. Bet he pulled hard on the string I looked at the picture again and I'm surprised he left you with your fingers still attached to your hands, they like to really clamp down when you rub those teeth pads on there lower jaw................Doc
  6. Yeah - when I stuck my hand in it's mouth he bit down really hard - enough to draw a bit of blood from my fingers. I was expecting it b/c the guy in my boat told me it might happen so I avoided dropping him. What really shocked me is the fight that this fish put up - I'm not sure if that is common for Channels, but he was one strong fish for his size. Probably doesn't help that I'm fishing with a bass rig.
  7. channle cats can put up some really nice fights.
  8. Nice male Channel, They are great fighters, and no doubt they will draw some blood on your hand, they love to clamp their jaws shut when there are fingers/hands in their mouth! :G
  9. Has anyone been to lake isabella this year i've gone twice with no luck if you've had luck could you tell me where you fished and what you used as baitThanks
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    I liked this answer on a previous post

    But really, I've never been there.
  11. I was there last friday stayed till 5am and only had 1 decent bite, and it was on nightcrawlers. We had about 7 poles out all with diffrent bait, but noone was catching anything, i use to go there all the time and had a great time and caught alot, anymore i dont think its worth my time to drive there:S