What can we ban next?

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  1. I didn't think it would be this much trouble when I decided to give Ice fishing a try for the first time.

    Was I WRONG!

    This venture all began last year late Jan. early Feb. 07. Nice long cold tempatures and lots of ice, got me wondering about given it a shot, started researching the subject here thanks to the posted thread here in the Hard Water Forums. Snatched up a auger courtesy of Ebay, while waiting put togethor a couple rods and reels to give this thing a shot.

    Decide will give this thing a try at the Eyman Park Ponds behind the Washington Court House City Pools. I have lived here in this small town all my life and have fished these small ponds since I was a kid. Never really caught much of anything there to brag about, but has become a lot more attractive since the state has begun stocking trout there. My most important reason for this decision is that it is not more than 5' deep in any spot on these ponds.( I go through the ice I think I will be walking back to the bank, no harm done)

    As cold as it was last year I spent the better part of Feb fishing on the ice there without out any problems. Man was I hooked this is a real good time! Caught a few fish even.

    But all good things must come to a end. Next comes the local popo tellin us ya gotta get off the ice. YET there is no law against it! YET that is until the local city council and safety board decide to get interested in it.

    I guess will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope they will make the right descion.

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    A fishing license is required for the city ponds, however being on the ice to catch fish in winter is not banned.

    Fishermen on thin ice


    Assistant Editor

    Some residents are skating on thin ice with law enforcement officials, who are concerned that people could be injured by venturing out onto frozen ponds in Washington C.H. Although there is no law prohibiting people from being on the ice, Police Chief Brian Hottinger asked city officials to look at making the dangerous act illegal.

    Over the last several years there have been people who like to go ice fishing. When the Police Department receives complaints, officers try to make the fisherman leave the ponds behind the swimming pool. Officers chased two people 50 or 60 feet onto the pond off the ice Wednesday, Hottinger said.

    While adults know the risk they are taking going onto what could be thin ice, the police chief said he was worried that kids would follow suit, unaware of the danger they were facing.

    With frigid water temperatures, Hottinger said he did not want firefighters or police officers to have to be on the ice.

    He asked that the city either make being on the ice illegal or direct the officers that they should leave the fishermen alone. He also noted that if the City Council acted, the members should address ice skating, sledding and even walking on the ice at the ponds and the reservoir.

    However, City Councilman Ben Roby said that there are two sides to the story, and that he remembered students talking about playing hockey on the ice in years past.

    Councilman Dwight Hedrick said he didn’t like the thought of making skating illegal, and asked whether the city could say certain days were safe once the ice is thick enough.

    City Manager Joe Denen said he was not comfortable taking responsibility for monitoring the thickness of the ice and that there were safer alternatives.

    Councilman Jim Chrisman said the city used to flood the tennis court to create a skating rink, which Denen said could be an option again.

    Councilman Tim Fogt also asked whether swimming in the ponds was allowed in the summer.

    It’s not illegal either, said Hottinger, but “I can honestly say in 20 years I’ve never caught anyone swimming in the pond.”

    As for the fishing, Mark Pitstick, the city’s law director, recommended that the topic go through the Service and Safety Committee. It could take six to eight weeks before any legislation would come before the City Council and in the meantime, people should be warned about the perils of being on the ponds, he said.

    “As the temperature has gone down, danger has developed,” Pitstick said.

    “We would admonish everyone wanting to fish to make sure the ice is thick enough.”

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    wow that sucks man.........Sounds like you got an uphill battle.

  3. Nothing like the government protecting you from yourself.
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    Its getting worse.
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    I'm not sure how it came about, but I believe the City of Van Wert has an ordinance that addresses activities on the ice at the two upground reservoirs there. There are signs posted that prohibit skating, sledding and ice boating on the reservoirs. Where ice fishing is concerned, the signs simply say something to the effect that anyone under 16 who is ice fishing must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

    It seems that adult supervision would be a reasonable requirement for any activities on the ice. That way everyone can still enjoy the resource safely and responsibly.
  6. We have a township owned pond that is checked by the township. Once it reaches eight inches they allow folks on it. They fly a red flag until they reach eight inches and then switch to a green one.

    This system seems to work real well.
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    Just fish out in the middle of the lake.
    When the man tries to tell you to get off, pretend you cant' hear him.
    Make him walk out to you on the ice and tell you.:D :D
  8. snake69

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    Hell, once it gets 8" you could drive out to your spot!
  9. my wifes family is from WCH and ive spent alot of time there. fished in that little pond once. I think In this case you are screwed. mainly because WCH officials seem so narrow minded. ICE equals danger. thats all they will think of. Same reason you can't have a movie theater there. And there are so few liquor liscences.
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    hey my man..im about your age..these idiots get on my nerves as well...i live wash ch..ill take you some real nice places sometime if you like ive got all the primo gear shanty..vex..cam..power auger been doin it over 10 yrs started just like you...we can go hit the city res for y perch b4 they ban it lol..next weekend 2-8 if you like as i work m to fri..if not there ill take you to indian or buckeye w me or even presque or erie if you like..hit me up on yahoo IM sometime if you like the name is tim_campbell67..well have a blast..its the best when the ice cooperates!..let me know!...Tim
  11. Thanks all for looking and replying. Hope our local appointed city council and safety board can make the right decesion on the matter at hand. The council gets togethor Feb 4, to decide. I guess for now its back to the spillway 4 some eyes.