What are you catching ?

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  1. I always enjoy seeing pictures of fish and the flies that are catching them, please share a picture of something you've caught and maybe the fly it was taken on.
    I've been chasing Crappie and W/bass most of the spring using a marabou clouser.
    Good luck and Good Fishing ! IMG_20160430_184538.jpg IMG_20160504_110349.jpg IMG_20160502_193646.jpg IMG_20160504_110622.jpg
  2. 20150811_194547.jpg

    Brown trout

    Caught on this


  3. IMG_20160507_114922.jpg IMG_20160507_090508915.jpg IMG_20160507_084330761.jpg IMG_20160507_100244.jpg
    A few carp taken on a Soft-hackle crawfish
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  7. Took a one day trip to the Shenandoah Valley and caught this 17" rainbow.
    smith creek may 2016 2338N copyright chrisazimmer cr allthingfishingblogspot x750.jpg
  8. Lakes are too muddy and the bays are too full of fresh water. What am I catching? Until these flood waters finish receding and the bays get some salinity back, not a dadgum thing!
  9. Super simple to tie and pretty effective on a variety of species.
    What won't eat rabbit ?
    Good luck and Good Fishing !
    IMG_20160825_200617.jpg IMG_20160825_200654.jpg IMG_20160813_150859.jpg IMG_20160814_135252612.jpg
  10. I that just a single a single strip of rabbit?
  11. That one is actually two strips face to face but I have taken many fish on a single strip.
    Good luck and Good Fishing !