what are the rules for leaving a shanty up?

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  1. i guess my question is can you leave it out on the lake erie for a season or a certain number of days any rules you have to follow?thinking on making the trip up this weekend just wondering if i could leave my shanty up there.what do you guys do?
  2. It might not be there when you go back.I don't know the rules,I have heard of people leaving them out there.I have also heard of people having there shanty burnt down this year. I'm not sure why someone would burn it down but it has happened...B.L.

  3. not a question that's usually addressed here in ohio. legally (to my knowlege), you can leave it out. the law says all shantys and tip ups must have your name and address on them. i'm guessing you're talking about a hardside. leave a portable on the big pond, and it'll be in canada or new york the next time you go out, unless you anchor it down REAL GOOD.
  4. the only problem i see with leaving a shanty on the lake is not being local. if you catch a warm day, and can't make the trip up to check on it, you might lose it. you will be liable if a boat hits it in the spring.
  5. A few years back when we fished the Sandusky bay we would leave our shanty out and lock it up. I'm pretty sure its legal as long as you have your name and address posted on it.
  6. what? really? my portable ice shanty has to have my info on it?
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    "what? really? my portable ice shanty has to have my info on it?"
    ICE ANGLERS may use holes no larger than 12 inches in diameter. In Lake Erie ice anglers may use holes no larger than 12 inches in width. Ice anglers may not use more than 6 tip-ups and 2 rods per person. All shelters and tip-ups must display the name and address of the owner or user in English lettering.
  8. thnx water. can anyone tell me why?
  9. in case you leave it out there they can ticket you...............that's been the law ever since I can remember..........if you leave your shanty out there, be sure and anchor it, and I wouldn't lock it.........if someone wants in they will tear the door off if it's locked.
  10. thats what the law says. on my portables, i just wrote my name and addy on with a marker. also on my tip up flags.
  11. got ticketed years ago for no name, and we just used the portable to haul our gear out, it wasn't even up,
    the crick dic put it up and checked........can't remember what the fine was, but he knew we weren't going to leave it out there.
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    I was thrown off Mogadore years back for not having my info on it. No ticket. The odnr officer said I could bring it back the next day if properly labeled.
  13. thanks for the info guys good to know the rules no need for a ticket .cant afford it these days.
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    Write all your info down on a piece of paper, then stick it in a ziplock bag and use safety pins to secure it. I've moved a few times and it makes changing info easy.
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    on the tip ups??? thats kinda dumb. thats part of the reason i take people with my uncles, is because they have enough old ones for the guy thats just trying the ice out without him haveing to buy all that stuff. if you have to have your name on then when the flag goes up and some one else catches the fish on it can you get a ticket?
  16. 1. Name on tipups allows them to make sure you're not over the limit of tip ups.
    2. It also makes it easy to check if someone abandoned the tip ups.

    I don't think they care so much about whose tipups they are as to being able to identify how many tipups belong to a group of angles. Just guessing though.
    I would think its similar to having your name on a leghold trap.