What are the chances?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Steelwolve, May 23, 2007.

  1. Steelwolve

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    I was catfishing Monday evening had cut shad on the bottom. After about an hour I kept getting the slow tug and release of a turtle on my line so I jerked up on the rod and felt that I hooked into a small turtle, I reeled it in and saw how I hooked it and couldnt beleive it. The turtle already had a hook through its jaw and somehow my hook ended up hooking the eyelet of that hook. WHAT ARE THE ODDS:eek: Heres the Pics.[​IMG][​IMG] By the way Ive never caught a turtle like that before what kind is it?
  2. I don't know what kind it is but wow that has to be some kind of omen. LOL!

  3. fishslime

    fishslime Catch it, then eat it :)

  4. ezbite

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    thats a jimmy or painted turtle. how did you hook the hook??:p
  5. I'd say it was a tribute to your casting ability. Now, let's see you do that again!!:)
  6. NewbreedFishing

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    you threaded the needle ...pretty neat!
  7. Neat. Thats a weird way to catch somthing. lol.
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Thats pretty cool.

    One time while cat fishing on the ohio river I litterally "lassoed" a channel cat. The line crossed back over the circle hook and cinched down tight on his tail fin. Reeled him in backwards, the hook never even penetrated his skin, a legitimate "lassoing" of a fish!
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    Don't bother buying any lotto tickets, your luck has officially run out after that one. Pretty cool, but I want my one in a billion shot to result in some dollars! haha
  10. Very slim odds indeed!!

    I had a similar story and slightly better odds.

    A small yellow bullhead swallowed a snelled leader.Everyone knows how those yellowbellies love to swallow hooks.The fisherman/woman released that catfish and left that snelled leader in it,threw it back into IL,which is the proper way so as to unharm the fish.
    Anywho,I missed a bite one night at blackhawk,reeled in to check to see if I had any worm left,and ended up snagging the loop of that leader,along with that same 6 inch yellowbelly.

    Steelwolve: Now you can tell all your pals your fishing story as a riddle:

    How do you catch a turtle,using rod/reel/hook/line/sinker-reeling that turtle in,without that turtle even touching your hook or line? See if they can figure that riddle out!:D

    Have a good holiday!