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Summer before last at Deer Cr State Park:
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While putting everything in the drink is never funny...the story behind this one is.
As Andy Rooney used to say..."and now, for the rest of the story."

Place: Deer Cr. State Park. Public ramp off RT 204
Time: Thurs. bout 3pm

Being a week day and not expecting much boat traffic, wife and I pulled into parking lot to find about a half dozen boaters getting ready to do their thing out on the water.
Pulled into one of the many parking spaces closer to dock to prep boat. As us boaters often do...while prepping boat was kinda looking around getting the feel for who was doing what and where we stood in line for launching.
While looking around, noticed a rig and very loud crew around boat that was still on trailer in the far dock lane. That dock/lane is usually used as the pull out lane. The crew of five was slowly getting boat ready to launch and you could tell they were having a really good time...and had most likely started having a good time long before they got to the lake.
We ready our boat, wife walks down to dock and I pull rig around lining up to launch. As I stop and start to back, one of the crew of five yells and starts walking/staggering over to my truck. I rolled passenger window down and he wants to check the boat out. I told him to hang on till I got boat in water and parked truck/trailer.
Get boat in water, parked truck, was at boat and here he comes. We chatted boats a min. as he was wanting to get a new one. He explained that the boat they had there was his brothers but he wanted to get one of his own. He went further to say that they had all been partying and the reason they hadn't put in yet is cause they were all over there arguing over who could back the boat in the best. Guess the game plan was for the owner of boat/SUV would get in boat and one of the other guys would back boat in water, owner would pull boat over out of the way.
Great plan right!!!
So...as wife and I are sitting in our boat still talking to owners brother...here comes their rig with owner in boat like Captain Hook...flying backwards down the ramp as fast as I've ever seen someone back a trailer. The boat hits the water and shoots off trailer. The only thing the driver forgot to do was hit the brakes. Truck hits water just as fast as boat did. With jaw dropped open...I looked at the owners brother that was still standing there on the dock by us and he says in the most calm voice..."I guess they figured out who was gonna back the boat in". And then he turns back to me and starts calmly asking me more about my boat as if nothing just happened.:oops:
I'm watching this SUV drifts out, watching the whole crew standing around with what seemed like absolutey zero care to what just happened.
When the SUV drifted over the jackknifed trailer, the truck finally stopped drifting out.
Owner,guy that was in the boat had fired the boat up and pulled it over to the far dock and tied boat off.
He gets out of the boat and calmly walks back over to observe all the carnage.
Fella driving SUV climbs out of sun roof, goes to get off SUV roof, slips and falls into water. One of the crew bystanders hollers at owner standing there overseeing the carnage that their expert driver has fallen in the water and has not come up yet. Owner...standing there at waters edge looking out replies " good...I hope he drowns" and turns and walks towards parking lot. Brother...still standing by me runs over and helps driver get out of water.
I told brother I had a 12' tow strap and asked him if they had any heavy rope/tow strap in the SUV we could tie together and if they did, I could try and pull SUV out. Owner said they didn't, he had insurance and they would just wait on wrecker.
Ended up giving them the tow strap to secure truck to dock in case anything shifted so truck didn't go out any further whilst waiting on tow truck to get there.

Top pic. shows owners brother(guy that was talking to me) getting ready to tie truck off to dock. The other guy is Richard Petty(their driver) tieing off tow strap to SUV.

Bottom pic shows 'the crew' awaiting wrecker:
Rig owner(big guy in red shirt,gray shorts standing at ramp water edge looking over at driver)
Richard Petty(driver...no shirt on)
owners brother(black shirt with tow strap in hand
bald guy black shirt by owners brother
and finally...guy way on the right side of pic.
Their boat tied off far dock.

Guy in light blue with white hat was the owner of the jet ski that pulled up in the middle of the mess tryin to get his ski out.

All in a day at the docks...

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A scout is on my list to own someday. Those things are beasts!
you got that right our had a plate inside that said "Do not drive with only three wheels off the ground it will pull off the jack stands" it had great MPG couldn't get stuck well we did several times because buried her to the skid plates LOL and a old man once told me a chain is always two feet short I never quite understood that till we put a winch on the Scout never did reach any thing to pull us out 👨 🌲
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At Misquote 10 to 15 years ago. My father in law was about to back my trailer in to get my boat out. I was floating in the bay. Guy trying to back a trailer in the next lane had jack knifed so bad that the trailer was on one tire. Other tire was a foot or so off the ground. There was a guy in a boat waving his arm very frantically and yelling stop over and over again. After another attempt or 2 they finally got the boat out of the water.
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