What are Smallmouth Hitting on ???

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  1. I'm back needed more help. Are there any fish left in the GMR near Middletown ?!?

    For about the last month, I have had the BIG :S . It doesn't matter what I throw out (even though it seems like I try everything I have) or what time of day I try to fish, it seems that there are no fish in the river. I have walked away from the river serveral times now without even a nibble.

    What are the smallmouth hitting on now ???
  2. 2 weeks ago while fishing near the old Americana, I hooked 9 smallies (all dinks) using a silver Rooster Tail. Since then, only one fish hit the spinner-it was big enough to snap my line on the first jump (drag wasn't set right!). My brother-in-law caught a few last weekend on a small chartreusse crankbait. Like you, I've tried everything in the box, and haven't had much luck this week. I know there are fish--they jump all around me, but they aren't interested in what I'm throwing or how I'm throwing it. Going to try again tomorrow--I'll let you know how I do.

  3. I might suggest shooting over to the Little Miami if they're not biting on the GMR there
  4. The water level is low everywhere, and most streams, are "pooled" out. Besides that the water is clear, and smallmouth tend to bite sparingly in open and clear water or see you before you see them, and swim toward cover.

    I always try a small 3" to 4" plastic craw or worm either in a dark color, in the mornings and evenings and lighter color during the day like pumpkin seed.
    If it's overcast and/or raining then I throw a small mini-buzzbait.

    I throw to areas where the water enters the pool and where the pool is running into the next pool. I also cast to the largest rocks, and tree roots, if available. I slow way down with the plastics, and will let it set for a few seconds before each movement.

    Fishing in rivers and creeks usually slows down for me this time a year. IMO it's because the currents slow to non-existent and the water is more shallow and clearer. So, the fish have less trouble or don't have to struggle as much to find food, and are not as hungry.

    Just wait until the first frost or gully washer, and we will have a few good weeks of fishing.
  5. Fishing has been slow lately, low, clear water makes it tough. The fish aren't very agreesive yet. You need to make long casts not to spook fish and fish a little slower. I've been catching most of my fish with zulus.
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    I got skunked last night for first time in a while, so I have nothing to recommend. I do believe a good hard rain will make things better.
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    that is when you know its bad.:)
  8. Thought i was onto something today, I tied on a 3" melon pepper internally weighted tube with a 2" white grub on a 1/32 oz jighead about 2 feet behind it. Mostly because last time i hit the creek all i could catch them on was the little grub but i hardly get any casting distance. Pretty sweet rig, i think i'll experiment with it more in the future. The only real flaw i found was it promotes line twist in the way they spin through the air. Anyway, i figured finesse was the way to go in the clear water. Get down to one of my favorite holes and on the first cast, a nice 14 incher smashes the tube as soon as it hits the water. Killer, it's on i think to myself. the "fall feedbag" if you will. 2nd cast to a promising looking rock and another solid fish slurps the grub, again as soon as it hits the water. This fish is prolly only a little longer, but super thick and fat, obviously well fed in recent times. Stoked. Gettin' fat for the winter. Beautiful colors on the 2nd fish, something ive noticed alot in fall when the water is clear and cool. by then, i'm pretty confident i'm about to tear up a bunch of fish. Then a strange thing happened. I caught nothing the rest of the day. Tried eveything in the box. Nada. Musta been the first cast curse, only i managed 2 first casts since i had 2 baits rigged. I did manage to get a fat albert bit off by a decent pike a little later, but that was it for the day. No other bites. Fall is strange.
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    i got out a bucket of minnows myself. caught 4 in about an hour and a half biggest one probably a pound. its gonna be tough no matter what you do because of the water being low and clear. and then add bright sun on top of that. some rain and an overcast day i might just have to take a sick day from work:)
  10. If you can believe the weather forecast, it looks like we want to be on the water Thursday morning. Sun is predicted later in the day on Thursday.
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    I don't believe it but I'm praying for it. I hope to get out this weekend with some fresh water to work with.
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    I'm hopin it's enough rain for a serious blowout,clear out all that storm debris and dead summer algae,TC1
  13. Hit the GMR tonight near Franklin, :S . Had several hits only hooked into a few. They were hitting so lightly that at times I thought I was just bumping on the bottom, that is until they pulled a little more or jumped. Then I lost them.:(

    Of the few that I saw that jumped, They were really fat!. Another guy floating the river said he had caught a few a little ways up stream and he was suprised at how fat the ones he caught were. He also noted that the fish were active just hitting very lightly.
  14. I, too, got skunked again. Might have had one hit, but not sure. I, too, saw a few jumpers that were in the big fish column--no where near my hook, though!
  15. No. 1 on my list, a teeny wee Rebel crawfish, texas red color. Hands down, best smallmouth bait for a creek or river.
    No.2 on my list, 1/8oz chartreuse double colorado blade spinnerbait with a chartreuse curly tail trailer.
    No.3 on my list, a 3-4" hard suspending jerkbait, in shad color, like a rogue or a rapala.
    You will catch smallmouth, spots or lm on these baits. Fish just above a riffle, in the riffle and just below. The better the current the better the fishing.
  16. My go to bait all summer long was any of the 6 colors of Rebel Craws (color depened on weather and water conditions). Just since about mid Sept on, nothing has touched any of the Rebel Craws.

    Any one catch anything besides smallies, catfish, or carp in the GMR between Hamilton and West Carrolton. Never seen anyone post catching anything else or have meet anyone fishing on the river who has caught anything else?
  17. The reason why they aren't hitting the rebel craw now as much as in summer is because the smallmouth are now focused on bait fish.
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    Co_Trout I'm almost convinced the area from Middletown to at least Franklin is some sort of fish dead zone in the GMR. I struggle to catch anything but cats there.:(
  19. Try fishing in Clear Creek or Twin creek. Both are close to Franklin and Carlisle, I used to fish these when I lived in Franklin back in the late 70's.
    Caught some nice sm in these 2 creeks.
  20. The lower part of Twin Creek was really good this spring. Caught my PB, about an 18" smallie out of in May.

    Since about mid Aug, it has been really low and very difficult to fish. Pools are shallow and far between. needs some good heavy rains to make it more fishable.

    I haven't tried Clear Creek yet. Any public places that one can access at?