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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by trucked, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. A major head-on collision by 4 vehicles on Dublin Rd right at Twin Lakes. I sat there and watched the whole thing and called it into 911. 2 fatalities and 4 persons transported. Very bad accident. Too bad, I cried like a baby watching them coverup bodies. Very sad.

    What a day on the water.................What a day...................... :( :( :(
  2. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Sorry to hear that bro . :( Things like that always make me think as to why we always get in a hurry . If any-one on here's family was involved , my thoughts are with you .

  3. I sure sat there and cried like a baby. Man O Man, all I could think about was, "What if I knew someone there?" "What if there were kids laying there?"

    I was at the point as you come around the second corner when you come into the "lakes", you know, where that tree is down on your right and you can see the road? Well, as I was leaving the tree and going around the corner towards the wall of rocks, I was looking straight at the road watching the cars when 2 of them hit head on, then the one that was going south careened and took out another one going north and the chain reaction started until there were 4 cars that actually hit head on at around 55 or 60 mph. Man, there were bodies thrown out of the cars and vans all over the place. I grabbed my phone at 12:26pm and called it in, the first heavy rescue showed up at 12:30pm. 4 MINUTES FROM THE CALL TIME with about 6 more trucks and rescues right behind him. Then the State Police called me back and asked me more info. I told them that the black pickup that got hit first stopped for a second and then the driver got back in it and took off northbound on Dublin Rd.
    I asked them how they called me back? Was it caller I.D.? They said that they could see me on the GPS right where I was sitting. My phone has NEXTEL GPS activated. WOW!!!! Plus he said they had caller I.D. but when I told him I was on the water in my boat right there, he checked out the GPS coordinates from the call. :eek: :eek: :eek: Scary huh?

    Later man.
  4. Tough to witness and see the aftermath, that's for sure. I've seen so much of the same in my line of work, extrications, shootings, ejections, but kids are the worst. Having lost one of my own a few years back, I can relate.

    Hang in there Trucked.
  5. Sorry to hear that trucked and Carl. When my x-wife and I got married Sept 11 1993 we had a couple of buddies leave our wedding recept. and they were drag racing to the state store due to we wouldn't serve them due to they were under age and one of them passed the other at 120 M.P.H and hit another car which was driven by a 7 month old pregnant lady. They were all killed but my buddy that got passed. From that day on my x and I were in 4 different court cases and my buddy that got passed was severly beaten by the deseased family members. Sorry to ramble on guys , but I just had to get this off my cheast after reading this post........Rich
  6. Good to let it out every now and then. We are here for each other for sure. Nothing to apoligize for at all. :)
  7. The families of those involved will be in my prayers, and you also for having had to witness the scene trucked. But i figure God put you there for a reason, you know how that road can be deserted at times. Maybe you being there saved someone's life. If you hadn't called the rescuers may not have made such good time getting there and more folks could have been lost.