what a great day on the GMR

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  1. well me and my wife set out on a mission today to catch us some good ole carp and boy did we.....lol. we went to a certain spot i frequent alot and we caught them and caught them until the dreaded rain came, together we caught about 20 and then my son ( who doesn't like to fish )came and seen what fun we was having and he ran to a local store and bought his fishing permit and he even got in on the action, all together we caught about 25 large carp with the biggest being caught by none other than...........................MY WIFE...... it was a great day for the family and i think my son may spend some more time with me fishing, it doesn't get any better than that........Mike

    i added a few pics of some of them



  2. Nice fish man! I dont care what anyone says... Carp are fun to fish for.

  3. I like carp. Biggest fish I ever caught was a carp.
  4. Nice fishing. You weren't kidding when I saw you out there.
  5. your killin me! wanted to do some carpin' today as well. had a lot of stuff to do with the family and ran out of daylight :( . what were you gettin them on? thanks for the report!!:B
  6. we started off fishing at 7:00 am and fished until the rain came at about 2:30 or so
    well we threw everything at them, started off with my favorite....wheatie dough ball and was catching channel cats on it and no carp, and then we went to the old backup whole kernel corn and started slaying them, we even caught a few nice cats on corn also, it was a great day and all fish were released unharmed and some even got their picture taken...... i also had the pleasure of meeting catbasscrap last week on the way home from school....catbasscrap....when i told you i love to carp fish i wasn't kidding buddy they are a blast to catch and the next time i go i will get with you....Mike
  7. yea i like catching carp to but i dont fish the GMR that much so i dont know where to go i bankfish