What a difference a day makes!

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by BuzzBob, Jan 20, 2008.

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    After driving down through the metroparks yesterday and seeing that pretty green Rocky River then seeing the monster that Mepps3 caught about the time I was driving through, I HAD to get down there today. What a mistake. Although any day on the river is better than doing the wifes "list" , there was so much shelf ice and slush that it made it tough to throw anything. The Vanish line that I was using does not do well in the cold as small "pearls" coated the line after just a few casts.

    Still, it was nice being out and now it's time for some football!
  2. yeah. today was a bust. went out early this am in a blizzard, the river was high, muddy and slush ridden, the feeder creeks were froze over. shoulda stayed home, but sunday is the only I can get out anymore.

  3. Saturday afternoon at Chagrin was about the same. Rolled one between frozen-tip breath blowing. Of course it spit the jig. Kinda fun though between frozen fingers and guides. New neo/thinsulate waders were warm but tight! Someone will be an instant millionaire who invents 'heated' guides....bet the Chinese could do it but noone has told them about winter steelhead fanatics yet!
  4. Hit a hot spring fed trib today. Zero ice and slush.

    Super clear water and I could see fish everywhere. Fish were very finicy.
    The main issue was the darn wind. Landed a few and lost a few on spawn.
    Chart. was hottest and just a chunk of skein produced well also.

    If not for the 20 to 30 mph wind gusts the day and the fishing would have been perfect. Just warm enough not to have frozen guides.

    Thrilled to be out though
  5. hope that by the weekend the lower chagrin is frozen well, cuz i want to pull a few through the ice