What a day!!!

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  1. I woke up early this morning and decided to go fishing. I don't get to get out very often as I have an infant. My son usually wakes up around 5ish for a bottle and I thought that I would go after that. I ended up leaving around 6:30am for the LMR. I got to my spot around 6:45 and started in. I decided to throw some larger profiled baits and see if I couldn't get a larger fish rather than 10 7 inch smallmouths. Well that didn't turn out too well. I didn't catch one fish :( I used my usual white jig and grub, white inline spinners, even a imitation crayfish. I didn't get one bite. I finally switched to a smaller profile inline spinner and ended up only catching 1 10inch smallmouth in a little over an hour. Overall a sad morning fishing wise, but with the temperature low it was nice to get out.

    But wait there is more!!!

    I decided to go to my aunts house where there is a small lake/large pond. I have only seen VERY large carp in there the times that I have been there. Well I was throwing my trusty Baby Bass color Rapala and wasn't doing any good. I decided one more cast(we know how that goes), and I cast straight out and something hit the lure and completely ripped the knot out. Now I was really bummed, but I knew I had some more lures in the car. I went up and grabbed a large white Booyah spinnerbait and walked back down to the water, and what do I see?! My Rapala floating in the water, so I throw the spinnerbait out and retrieve my Rapala. I decided I would throw the spinnerbait out there and see what I could come up with since it was already tied on good and tight. I throw out a few times and WHAM, something hits it and runs like a bat out of hell. I am thinking it is a small catfish the way it took off, but after fighting for about 3 minutes it get it close it jumps and it is a large bass. I work it for about 5 more min. and bring it in. It was then that I remembered I had forgot my scale but I had my digital camera. So I get it out of the water and lay it down beside my pole to get a picture/measurement. The largest bass I have caught to date is a 20incher at 3 lbs and some change, and this one was definately larger(amost 4 lbs?!). So I put it back in and watch it swim away.
    I throw my spinner out again and BOOM, I am thinking it is the same fish but it is a tad shorter(maybe 3 lbs.), so I take a picture and let it go. I throw out maybe 5 more times when I thought I got tangled in some weeds until it starts moving. And its moving fast. When I work this fish in I can't identify it at first. I think its some sort of humpback bass. That is until I get it in all the way and realize it is the largest Crappie I have ever seen. I was so pumped my legs are getting mushy feeling. I put the fish down and snap a picture and let it go. At this point I feel like I am about to fall in the water my hands and legs are shaking, so I decide one more cast and I am out of there. So one cast later I land one more 2 lb. largemouth, I go to take a picture but my camera batteries have died :( I also notice my spinnerbait is so bent I need to go buy a new one!!

    First Bass :


    Nice Crappie!

    For some reason I can't upload the rest of the pictures?!

    Sorry for the long post but I was so pumped I had to share the WHOLE story. I can't upload the pictures until the batteries get charged so for now you will have to wait! This day of fishing started out bad but ended up very good! You never know what kind of day you end up having!!
  2. Nice man... The " One more cast " excuses doesn't always go as planned.. If you're with the wife heres how it goes..

    Wife: C'mon honey, it's late
    Fisherman: Alright, 1 more cast
    Wife: hurry
    Fisherman: * Casts and hit's a rock ( convincing himself it was a fish )* and says " Honey, wait I just had a bite.. one more cast

    That's how it goes untill you atleast catch a fish, or your wife starts to leave without you lol.

    Cant wait to see the pics, GREAT story.

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    Nice job, can't believe you got your lure back! This is kind of day that brings you back.
  4. It doesnt look like it but that Crappie is 15.5, 16 inches. I cant seem to get that picture to upload :(
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    If its truely a 15.5 /16", thats a wall mount where I come from.
  6. In the words of Bill & Ted..... EX-CELLENT!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing...
    When can we go fishing at Aunties house???
  7. I would say 4 to 4.5# on the larger bass. All fish are very nice and a good way to end the day!
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    That Crappie is big....Larger than that patio door.
  9. nice i hope the next time i go out your luck will rub of on me
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    Thanks for the story, sounds like a great day. One of those days that makes all the bad ones worth it.
  11. I am just happy since I can't get out as much that I had the luck that I did! I will get the other pics uploaded somehow I marked all the fish on my pole amd measured the marks once I got home. I think I may have to get back over there sometime soon and bring my scale and measuring tape with me...

    Also all fish were released. The crappie is def. a wall mounter but it lives to be caught another day!
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    That's just the kind of story we need to get us geared up for fall fishing which maybe just started :D

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome.

  13. both fish are good looking, but the crappie is a real eye catcher. both had to be fun. nice fish, nice job.:B