What a dam time on the GMR

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  1. I went out early this morning and fished all day today on the GMR. I started at the West Carrolton dam and caught a real nice walleye on one of my first casts with a rattlin rogue. I then met up with a buddy of mind and we went to the dam out in Miamisburg. We didn't catch anything there because it was pretty packed and not much room to fish the good spots. We then decided to go down to the Hamilton dam and check it out. We went to the new dam and I caught a nice white bass and a small catfish. We then went to the old Hamilton dam and started tossing nightcrawlers in the rapids and caught a bunch of channel cats. Best day I've had out on the GMR in a while. It was cool to check out the other dams.
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    Sounds like a fun day! Water levels a little low all the way down?