What A Close Encounter!!!

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  1. Well 2night was an experience i will never forget! I have been hunting for about 10 yrs now, now im 21.This was the closet encounter I have had with a Buck! There were about 15 deer out in the field, spikes, does, and this Nine Point. he had fairly nice tine length and decent width but still not a shooter..he was prolly a 2 1/2 yr old deer. Im ON THE GROUND in a lil patch of weeds on the edge of the field, sitten with my camo on, which has some pinned fabric leaves on i bought at a hunting store. anyway this buck gets closer and closer.. He's coming at a straight beam right towards me. Im sitten there with my head tilted down a lil and he's nealy 2 arrow lengths away!! I though he was going to make a rub on my Compound Bow!!! NOT JOKING. He did not even Spook. Never smelt me. just trotter away to 20 yards and started eating again. WOW. at dark i walked it off and he was 5 STEPS away!! not yards, Steps, foot to foot. What a night.
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    sound like that was a good night.i went to a friends house last year to go hunt and i pulled in the driveway and a doe walks up to me and i was playing with it like a dog. my buddy failed to tell me the neighbor found the baby when the mom got hit and named it fonda.had to share that story.wish i was seeing some deer from my stands only opening day was the only deer i have seen ill just wait till it gets colder.