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Whassup with Willow Island?????

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by pastorchris, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Hey, does anyone know what up with the fishing at Willow Island dam?

    I used to go there quite often and catch a good number of hybrids. I havent done much hybrid fishing in the last few years 'cause if I have the time, I go to AEP. But drifted up to the dam a couple of times recently and only caught 2 one trip and 5 last night. I realize that 2 trips doesnt make a pattern but everyone I've talked with has said how slow things have been the last few years. Theres plenty of shad, so food forage isnt the problem, I thought whoever (OH or WV) did the stocking had possibly stopped stocking or at least greatly reduced the numbers of fish they stock.

    Just thought I'd see what the conventional wisdom was out there.

    Again, years ago, you could catch good numbers of nice fish and that just doesnt seem to be the case anymore, so something must be different!

    Whatcha think??
  2. the states have not changed the amount of fish they are putting in the river. the fish have not been at the dams lately mostly due to the baitfish being everywhere in large numbers, i believe most of the hybrids are schooling out in the channel and very hard to find, i would suggest targeting cooler outfalls and fast running creek mouths, also anywhere along the channel that drops quickely and holds baitfish. there are still fish at the dams but they will be in the deepest fastest water available