whakken the trout!

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  1. If u can find me fisihng u know i am catching them !! using slip bobber w/ well somthing and i have been whakken um also if u gona fish a inliner do it fast or u jus gona catch bass if u can find the hole u will see me gettin trout :G :G :G :)
  2. Can you repeat that??...in english this time.

  3. Translation....

    1. He's catching trout in a secret hole on a secret bait suspended below a slip bobber.

    2. If you're casting an inline spinner, be sure to keep your speed up or you'll be catching less desirable fish.

    Was I close Buddy?
  4. GREAT REPORT!!! :confused:

    Why bother posting it?
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    You'll get a kick out of this audio clip Net (make sure you listen to the whole thing)... :D :D :D


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  7. Thanks, that made my day :D :D. Boo got shot!!!!!
  8. Lol, Yup, That's Good Stuff Right There. Larry The Cable Guy Could Get Some Material From This Guy.
  9. Outstanding!!!

    I think I dealt with that woman the night Boo got shot.......