Wet Lines.

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  1. I am hoping to get out this weekend for the first time this year. I am planning on fishing a local pond out in Amelia. Last time I fished this pond a couple of kids were fishing it, they were maybe 10-12yrs old. Now I know this pond holds bass and bluegill so I arrived with my lighter tackleand fished away. I had no luck. To my suprise I see these kids putting half if not whole of a hot dog onto a HUGE hook, I just smile and say so be it. His line wasn't in the water 2 minutes and he already had a flathead on. He grabbed his scale and it weighed 4lbs. He promptly throws another line in and boom another flathead. Unfortunately for me all I had was some rattle traps and rooster tails. Wasn't planning on seeing some cats being pulled out. This isn't a pond thats fished much, maybe twice a month? its attached to a local subdivision. The majority of the people in the community could give to sh*ts about it. Anywho, what type of bait should I take with me? I was thinking about doing the hot dog thing but argh, I just can't bait up a hot dog. I was thinking of some livers or shrimp. Something these fish havn't seen before.

    I will let everyone know how I do, I should be out that way Sunday afternoon depending on the water clarity and the weather.

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    The day flatheads start eatting hotdogs with regularity is the day I stop fishing :D

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    Today is a beautiful day. prolly as good as it's going to be for a couple weeks. I suggest everyone get out today. Gonna go soon as i get out of work.
  4. The river is back down to normal near me, so I decided to get into it before the rain ruins it again. First cast got my jig snagged and tied on another one. Second cast lost another jig. Moved to another spot. Third cast got snagged and I spent awhile getting it free. Found a spot with no snags, but no fish, of course. Drove to another spot. First cast got my Rebel Craw snagged. Spent 5 minutes trying to free it. Tied it off to a branch and drove home to get my waders. Step in the water and instantly the left boot begins filling with cold water. Discover my lure is too deep to retrieve unless I want to go swimming. Took waders off and put my squishy wet sock back in my dry shoe. Drove to another spot. Just grabbed two poles and left the tackle box in the car. First cast snagged a jig and lost it. Looked at the Rebel Wee Craw on my other pole. Nope! Just shook my head and went home.

    It was a beautiful day, though:eek:
  5. haha - that was a great story - bummer about the craw!!
    sounds like a few days I have had - I left half an inexpensive rod in acton trying to get a bait unhooked - lost the bait and the rod tip....lesson learned, now I have a bait retriever - wonder how many times it will pay for it's self???
  6. River Anglin.....nice job! Thats a typical river day for me. Is it supose to be different?
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    I'd suggest using the Hotdog.I fish at aPrivate lake in Batavia and we slay all kinds of Cats on Hotdogs and Metts
  8. Yeah, I wish I would have gone out today and fished some, had my son with me and he isn't quite old enough to wade with me, he's 14mos. I guess I could let him float ;). I don't know how my wife would approve. Can't wait until he's old enough to fish with me. It'll be a great feeling when he's pulling in his first fish.

  9. speaking of rebel craws, i got one stuck in a tree today while fishing a creek, i ended up climbing the tree and breaking the branch off to get it un snagged..it took me about 25 minutes to get it out. ive lost to many of them suckers in my day.if they didnt produce alot of fish ide stop buying them
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    Fished the bank at a pond in troy. Tried various soft baits to no avail. Threw on a spinner bait towards the end of the day and nothing either.