Westville Lake Fishing Report

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  1. I fished from 5-7 last night. Things were a bit slow for this time of year, but I caught 3 largemouth (11", 14", 18 1/2"). The smaller two were VERY scrawny, but the biggest one had a nice gut on her. Smallest fish ate a shad laminate tube jig and the other two ate a small spinnerbait.

    Also caught a BIG baitfish (some kind of shad or chub I think?) on the spinnerbait. The fish had a white belly, silver sides, iridescent bluish toward the top, a dark back and a blunt nose. It was probably 8 inches long. Anybody on here no what it was? I tried to find a good picture on the web to post, but didn't have any luck. I'm really interested to know what it was, because there's hundreds of them in there.

    Crappies are EATING. I watched a guy and his wife catch 20 or so in 2 hours, all little ones though (maybe 9" tops).

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    That baitfish sounds like a gizzard shad by your description - but they typically don't go after artificial lures as they eat zooplankton and other organic stuff.

    Hmmm...Anybody else have ideas?

    BTW - are they starting to drop the water levels at Westville?


  3. Nope. Lakes are still up. I'm gonna keep looking for a picture of the fish on the web and I'll post it if I can figure out how to!
  4. Bass Crazy, which of the lakes are the crappie biting on? Are they catching them off the shore?
  5. Yes, they're catching fish from the shoreline. The crappie fishermen seem to hit the shoreline accessible areas in all three lakes. The 3rd lake generally yields the largest average size fish, but the 1st and 2nd lake are more consistent.

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  6. Okay, Basscrazy- is the third lake the one with all the pull-in locations along the shore? That little trail that goes around the lake through the woods? Also, are they just using minnows? I'm so surprised, because I moved to Damascus this summer, and fished Westville 6 or 7 times for catfish, and only caught 2 or 3, and ten trillion bluegill, and when i tried using minnows for crappie, i didn't catch a thing. Getting some tips on precise location and bait preference for crappie would be amazing. Thanks so much! :)
  7. Swim a jig behind a bobber. The 3rd lake is the one closest to Alliance. The 1st lake is the one next to the old bait shop. You can see the schools of crappie this time of year. They give themselves away.

    I was out Saturday afternoon bass fishing and it was slow. Two largemouth is all I had to show for 4 hours fishing. One about 10" and the 2nd was about 14.5". Balls of bait were all over the surface and the crappie were chasin' 'em.

    Westville is a pay lake, and so I wish they would actually stock it once in a while!

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