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    Misfit if you had trouble with a couple of my members please let me know. Walleyeclark@aol.com or call 937-361-8256. It looks like you found our web page @walleyecentral which also has my information on it. Posting something here does not fix the problem. If you let me know who it was I will fix the problem. AS for our tournaments anyone can fish them for an extra $10 enrty fee. Our tournaments were closed to members only, but we decided we would open them so people could sample them. You must be a member to collect points or sponsor products that we give out at our tournaments. You must have atleast show points yo fish our championship tournament. Please don't bash us until you give me a fair share on fixing any problem you might have. This invite to contact me is open to anyone that needs to speak to me. Thank You John Clark
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    john,thanks for clearing up the tourney rules.i apparently was looking at outdated info,and wasn't aware that the tourneys were open.had i known that,i would quite possibly have entered the past few years.i enjoy an occasional tourney(mostly local)but am not in a position to travel to other lakes around the state.
    as for the guys i mentioned,i don't have names or any way to identify them,and merely posted my thoughts on the actions of a couple of particular participants.there was no "bashing",as i made it clear that i in no way blame you or the club,and don't judge you by an isolated incident you have/had no contol over.i'm sure the people i mentioned will know who they are,and my post was more or less in hopes they would step forward.they may not even think they were in the wrong.i understand that only fishing one tourney a year there,many may not have much experience on the lake,and a few were just trying to make the best of the little time they had to locate fish. i rarely mention these things,and probably wouldn't have if it hadn't affected other fishermen close to me also.
    i would add that there was another(non club member) troller that did the same thing twice at about the same time.they were warned by myself and the other boater and did move away after the second warning.but i didn't mention it previously because he was a young inexperienced boater who just didn't realize he was in the wrong.
    again,my opinions were in no way directed at your or your club in general.i'm sure you run a great organization,and know you have and have had some great members.all the best to you and the club.

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    Misfit Could you e-mail me what kind of boat they were in ? Thanks john
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    Misfit -
    Do you have a right to WARN people to get away from you on a public lake? Sounds like BS to me. If they are over your lines, they are rude and inconsiderate. But to me, a warning sounds like a threat. Perhaps asking them to respect your space would have been better than a warning. Remember - these are public waters!
  5. I am guessing that what Misfit meant by "warning" was that if they didn't stay a bit farther away then they would spending some time re-rigging their rods due to lost tackle.;) I don't see that as a threat to someone physically as you suggest but merely stating the consequences of their actions.

    Again, I am simply speculating on what Misfit was thinking when he wrote that. I don't want to claim that I really know what goes on inside his head.:eek::p
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    JamesT, if you'll read Misfit's earlier thread it stated that he was anchored and was catfishing off the bottom. The offenders ran over his lines with no consideration. I was out there the same day, sky was clear, no fog or limited visibility. So the argument of "I didn't see anything..." doesn't hold water.

    Even though you are on "public" waters you have a "right" to your own space - especially when anchored. Furthermore, the operator of a boat should be aware of what is going on around him and steer clear of obstacles and other boaters. Basically, if a boat is anchored and fishing poles are sticking out the side of it there is a good chance they have lines in the water. Even if you're not 100% sure it is best to err on the side of caution and swing a wider path. Unfortunately, common sense and courtesy is a trait lacking in many individuals these days.

    Lastly, when you call out to someone "Hey, I've got lines in the water you're going to run over!" You are warning them to steer clear. ;)
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    yes i do have a right to "warn" them.not to "stay away from me",but that i have lines out that they are about to troll across.
    there's no BS to it,and as much as you'd like to think so,it there were no "threads" made or intended.if you were about to troll over my lines,you would also be "WARNED".and you might even appreciate being me letting you know that you may get tangled in my lines,possibly getting them tangled in yours,or worse,getting them wrapped in your prop,causing damage to your motor.these are just a few reasons for the "right" to "warn" someone under those circumstances.
    perhaps you should stop and think before "assuming" what i said was BS and a "threat",because you don't have a clue:rolleyes:
    maybe other people should take a hint from that statement;)

    FLT_TUBE_JNKY Uber Tuber

    This is for you Rick, right off of ODNR

    Reckless Operation
    (ORC 1547.07)
    No person shall operate a vessel, water skis or similar device:

    carelessly or heedlessly;
    without due caution;
    in disregard of the rights or safety of any person, vessel, or property;
    at a rate of speed or in a manner so as to endanger any person, vessel, or property.
    No person shall operate or permit operation of a vessel in an unsafe manner. Unsafe operation includes:

    becoming airborne while crossing the wake of another vessel within 100 feet or unsafe distance;
    operating at a speed or proximity to a vessel or person being towed so as to require either vessel to swerve to avoid collision;
    operating less than 200 feet behind a water-skier;
    weaving through congested traffic.
  9. It comes down to common sense and consideration for others - bottom line!

    I fish for all kinds of species and I anchor, drift, and troll. I for one would certainly appreciate somebody "warning" me rather than cause an unnecessary mess of my lines and theirs. When I troll I tend to be "overly" cautious so to speak and I do not get close enough to call out to other boats unless it is unavoidable.

    The last thing I want while out enjoying myself fishing is a tangled mess of lines (or worse - line wrapped up in my prop) as it only leads to less time fishing.

    Remember the water is there for all of us to enjoy, and that is why reasonable parties should be able to cooperate. Heck, I have guys see me net a fish and immediately start trolling my trail all the time. As long as they don't cut me off (running boards) and keep a reasonable distance I have no problem with it at all. It is possible for several boats to fish/troll the same area as long as each captain controls their boat properly and gets in line when appropriate. I have trolled spots out on Erie with 2 dozen other boats working the same small spot without any problems (I realize there is less room on inland lakes, just making a point).

    On the rare occasion when I have had boats cutting me off, or getting too close I usually pick up and head to another spot. Life is too short to spend time bickering with one another and I want to enjoy my "water time" with my mates as much as possible.