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Western Ditches for Steelhead

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saintmathew, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Fished a "ditch" this weekend. Went 1-4 the whole day. I was pretty sick, so I was not paying much attention to anything but the cold. Saw many other beautiful fish caught that day. All Steelhead were decent size and mainly females, a few jacks, 2-3 Rainbows, and 1 Brown. The Shad pretty much dominated north of where we were fishing. Nice location.

    This place is just WAY too small to post, but others should enjoy it. Just gotta be gentle with the fish in these small creeks. There were like 10 guys in a hole the size of my living room. One guy thought he would help himself to another guys fish by asking my buddy for a knife and walking over to this very large female and gutting her for the eggs. He never asked permission. Some other guys left pop cans and other litter in the creek as well. Made me sick, but I met a guy who I will probably fishing a ton with this spring.

  2. Would that hole be right beside a popular Mexican Restaraunt not far from Sandusky...?

  3. Please quit posting about small streams, you wonder why there are 10 people there.

  4. Having caught my first steelhead in this creek i hold it near and dear.

    Your actions were pure in thought, but will have the oppisite affect on the stream.

    I have not fished the creek for 3 years or better. I realize your just trying to help, but how many pm's did you get? It is a small stream that deserves no more attention, it can not sustain the traffic it gets now.

    Many people will be able to tell where you are without giving the exact location, those are the people who have been there. Let the rest do some hoofing.

  5. And I thought we were all fishing buddies here :mad:
  6. I think for the most part we all are very helpful and open about spots, but in this case the body of water is very small and from what it sounds like, it already receives quite a lot of pressure. also look at the number of views for this thread, almost 400. then look at the replies. This will be #6. I'm pretty open about spots and don't have any problem letting the guys who are regulars in this forum know where i was, what i was using etc. The problem is the couple hundred views from "lurkers", people who just take the info and don't share any in return. I doubt j would have posted that if it had been an actual river or lake, but when you're talking about a ditch i can completely understand why he did. And st. mathew, that was no rip on you, heck I pm'd ya for the spot, but got shot down and have absolutely no problem with it.
  7. As far as I can see, Mat didn't post the location. He just said he caught some fish in a small stream. I don't have any plans to fish "the ditch" and, unless Hardtop gave it away, I couldn't find it if I wanted to.

  8. bottom line is everyone has their honey holes they dont want leaked out on the internet like paris hilton's pda diary.