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  1. well boys we are going rain or shine camping this weakend and fishing have not fished this lake so any info would be great i will be in a green and white ranger if you see us say hello . we are just looking to catch some fish bass blue gill crappy any thing but if we can take some back to eat the old ladies wont just say we were out waisting the day away so any info would be great thanks for your time boys and as always keep that line tite
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    back in silver creek in the downed trees seems to be the place for some crappie, there are always a boat or two when i troll back there, i only fish for muskie so cant help ya out much...there are a few big trees down back in jay lake which is where you will be camping, seems most of the crappie guys fish these...you will get more replies..good luck.

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    start watching the serfice boyle for stipers ythay should start chaseing the shad soon on the serfes and if you se em use shad tipe crank baits.
  4. Most likey I'll be out Sunday, right now no fishing partner, if you see someone alone in a Bayliner, Leisure/Ski boat give me a wave. Will be out depending on rain if too heavy, no fishing light showers I'll be there. Hopefully it will be a good day fishing buddy or not.
  5. Slabsider, when's the last time you saw "stripers" boil the surface on WB? Just curious. I used to fish them back in the early 90's and haven't seen much surface activity lately(past few years or more). Thanks.
  6. Again, i'll be out Sunday 5-18 got me a fishing buddy locked in now. Anyone catching anything over there??? I heard there's going to be a bass tourney going on, so won't jump on the lake till around 2:30 or 3:00, to let them guys to there thing. I'm looking for some areas that I can hit up some crappie's and maybe drift a little also. Any thoughts other than J-Lake?
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    what or where is jay lake? just curious
  9. j lake is where the camp ground area is at. It's just across from the beach. I will be heading up there tomarrow (sunday) let ya know what i get.
  10. West branch is a very tough lake to fish, I gave up trying to figure out where the fish are and just tight line for catfish or whatever bites, once in a while I'll luck into some nice crappie or even catch some walleye drifting jigs but whenever I target a specific species I always get the big skunk. I'm thinking it's true 90% of the fish get caught by 10% of the fishermen, but good luck to you.
  11. FYI -Ya heard right. We will be startin at 6am + weigh-in will be at 2:30pm.
    We will be at Gilbert Rd ramp. West ramp may be better suited or avoid times mentioned. Hope this helps.
    PS Caught some nice crappie W of Rock Spring bridge about halfway down lake on right (N). Look for big patch of willows.

    Hopefully I'll get there a little late, boat docked at Marina. Might have to take my time so i'm not trying to dodge all the traffic comming in off the lake.
    thanks for the info on the crappie's and hope ya have fun in the tourney. :D
  12. I'm thinking about going out to WB as well - if the rain finally quits! Sure has been a rough spring so far.
  13. I fished the WB crappie tournament yesterday... Fish were shallow.

    BTW, we won with 14 lbs for 20 fish...
  14. That's very true. Though I do most of my fishing for panfish. I just enjoy going out and catching whatever will bite - panfish keep the kids interested. Though the crappie have been a struggle so far this spring. Did catch my first muskie at WB two weeks ago. It was about 10 inches - fishing for crappie.
  15. That's great - some good size fish. The few that I have caught so far at WB have been nice size - just can't get into any number of them. Seem to have had most success west of the bridge - nothing for me in Jay Lake (so far)!
  16. Nice job Carl on the tourney!!
  17. Great Job BigDaddy, I'm leaving Youngstown area about 1p.m. hopefully the rain that they're calling for moves past! Atleast the thunderstorms
  18. Great job Big Daddy. Makes up for Delaware.
  19. well thanks guys we did not do to bad only fished sat but took home some fish 3 real nice crappie and 5 walleye all shallow in jay lake and around the shore line alot of bass thow . water was in the low 60's and dirty but the camp ground is great nice bathrooms and very nice people just dont park your veh in the yard you can put your boat in it but not a veh not even one tire of your veh wish the weather would have been nicer but not to bad for walleye