Westbranch Noises

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  1. Anyone else hearing strange noises at Westbranch?
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  2. Well, tue I heard all those bridge birds acting crazy and lots of military air exercises.

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    Yea, I've heard them before, that why I don't camp west branch anymore.

    We were camping years ago, had tents pitched, boat tied off to a tree, everyone went to breakfast except for me and ruby (100# Doberman) I'm laying on a cot in the tent, ruby is laying just beside me, I'm napping and I get woke by an ear piercing screaming roar.. then it happened again.. I was a little hung over but I know it happened because ruby crawled under the cot whining.. could be something at the base across the road (which I think it is) or it could be something we know nothing about.. boooooohooooooo
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    ...it's me...lol.

    Stay twisted.

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    Myself and others heard the absolutely ear shattering and out of this world sounding roar/scream on night in southern ohio, while backpacking. It was real close too.VERY CLOSE. It sounded like a freight train grinding to a halt, combined with a gigantic roar that ended in a giant troll/human sounding screaming fit. The area we were in has a history of this sort of thing. It was one of the most insane things I have ever experienced.
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    Years ago they had a animal sanctuary on Newton Falls road and it had lions that you could hear over at WB roaring in the the night. Or it was twisted roaming the catfish bays..
  8. o-MOUNTAINMENCLEAN-facebook.jpg Someone call the AIMS team.
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  9. Bobcat screams are very high pitched. Make the hair on your neck and grab your side arm scary the first time you hear them. That may be what you heard
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  10. Probably the wampus beast or devil dog /hell hound. Don’t count out the lizard man either. Check out mountain monsters on destination America they catch and prove these creatures are real on a daily basis
  11. And buck eats every creature they catch. That’s why he is 600 pounds.
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  12. What kind of a noise was it? High pitched? Low pitched? Can you describe it?
    If it sounded like this then it's probably a school of black crappie. :rolleyes::p
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  13. Camped out on the banks of Hinkley creek. Kept hearing wood knocks and strange wooping noises. Every morning all my rubbish had been rooted through. Something was hungry. Strange goings on down there. Also the smell of skunk was present in the late evening hours. Although that could've been from me, unsure.

    As far as the fishing goes, had to sift through the skis in order to get my limit on craps. The skis were all over the shallow brush. Must've been their mating season as I saw them rolling on the banks. Rooster tails and tube jigs were the ticket.
  14. If you heard it early this morning I was stepping over a log in the flodded timber and got a Charlie horse...I'm sure I made some strange howling noises for a few minutes..
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    It's probably a fox scream or and owl, they can sound pretty spooky. I've spent many morning hiking in the dark with a tree stand on my back at WB, nothing supernatural going on there lol

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  16. At our camp at Clendening one night, (rather early morn) we were cat fishing and heard a very loud belering or low frequency yelling sound. Almost like a man with a deep voice was yelling for help. We knew it wasn't human, but that's kinda what it sounded like. After building up the nerve, we walked a big field of high grass and kept getting closer to it. Finally, after what seemed like a mile walk through woods and weeds, we saw a bull on the other side of a fence that was under a small tree. It was squatted down low to the ground and hollering something awful. It didn't sound like any hoofed animal that I've ever heard. My bro in law knew the land owner and called him in the middle of the night to tell him something was wrong with his bull. We felt bad for the thing because it was obviously in a lot of pain.
    Had we not made the walk and found it, I would be telling a different story of some mysterious creature. Lol! We had no clue what it was!
  17. Google the ufo police chase at west branch. Interesting. I lived really close to wb for a few yrs, House in the woods, heard all kinds of strange things.
  18. Is that the story I heard Howie chizek talk about on WNIR one day back in the late 80's early 90's? I remember because I listened all day .
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  19. There were two I think, the other in 66