Westbranch Boat Ramp Question

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  1. Can some one please tell what is the best way to get to the ramp that is on or nearRock Springs Rd? I willbe coming from east of Cleveland, in the mayfield/Chesterland area. Also, is this ramp ok, or is the one inside the park better? Looking to be close to the no wake area by the bridge.
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    271 south to 480 east. 480 turns into rt. 14... take 14 east, youll pass us 76 and when you hit rock springs road, make a left... you can get rocksprings from rt.5 but crossing over that bridge going over the tracks will tear off your lower unit... and the launch is on the right befor u get to the bridge... and the docks are good.

  3. You turn left onto rt. 18 (talmadge rd.)from rt. 14, then the first road is rockspring. Another left. Look up edinburg on mapquest.
  4. Just like they said 480/14 east left at rt 18 left onto rocksprings, the ramp is within a stonesthrow to the rocksprings bridge (well no quite).
    However if there is heavy traffic at the main ramp, and you have a small boat, there is a gravel ramp area just across the bridge.
    Also comming from the West on 14 there are some gravel ramps you can see them from the highway they will pass on your left, they are on the No Wake portion of the lake, there is a bait shop West Branch Bait and Tackle thats on rt14 you will pass it on your right, gravel ramps are next road on the left just as you pass the bait and tackle.
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    Never used that ramp before but I did see it on my way back from Milton and there is a huge are of dry land if front of the ramp from the low water levels. Like I said I have never used it so I am not sure if it still usable like it is. Good luck.
  6. Oh yea, I forgot about how low the water has gotten already this summer. That launch off knapp Rd, the one you can see from 14 is probably not accesable anymore.