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Westbranch 8/11

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jiggin'fool, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Well got off to a late start but still ended up doing alright! not a banner day but still a decent one! Got on the lake about 7 started fishing about 730! caught 8 bass and missed 5! at one point I had missed 4 bass and only caught one! so I am glad i started getting the hook in em! the bite was pretty good and the fish looked healthy! biggest one was 17 and I also caught a nice smallie about 16! also caught a bunch a dink crappie and 3 that were about 10 inches! trolled for muskie for a bit but I Think luredaddy already educated them all! not to mention I have no clue what I am doing... great morning to be on the water after about 1 I wanted to be in the water.... hope everyone else got into em today!
  2. I was there this morning with TIGGER. We washed lures for five hours. His baits look great, clean or dirty.

  3. Good job Jigginfool! There are nice bass in there. Lat week a friend told me that a 20" smallie was caught and released by the dam area in open water! WOW!

    Thanks luredaddy for the invite. A fish would have been a bonus. I enjoyed going thru your lures and looking at all the big baits and color patterns you have.
  4. I was out from 2 til 6 pm. Had one on for a few seconds shortly after I got there and that was it. A real zoo out there. Had a guy cut between me and another oncoming boat. The two wakes combined and a huge wave came right over my open bow. Scared the you know what out of my dog. Her and the boat were soaked. I'll be out early Sunday.
  5. LureDaddy has caught every muskie in WB and now they are all shy. Spent another 4.5 hours cleaning my collection of baits this morning.
  6. Nice job on the fish, My dad and I got up there around 7:00 7:30, thats the first time we have been there in years..Anyway trolled the northern side and down by the dam..Marked lots of fish..Turn back around to troll back up by the dam and hooked a nice wally 20"+ lost it at the boat..tuned back around and dad lost one as well, ( well the line broke).To bad we couldnt of put them in the boat..The bad thing was the pleasure boaters and the guys fishing off the dock when we were loading up..There was 3 guys on the on ramp and 1 on the other but his lines were way out there..Why couldnt they of fished from the shore? Anyway, Its alot closer then lake erie so we'll probably go back..
  7. thanks guys yeah the pleasure boaters(most) just don't have any courteousy! I was trolling by the mouth of jay lake going towards the dam in the afternoon and came up on a really shallow spot like 3 ft.... so I turned the boat and got in deeper water.... but I watched a guy hauling a kid on a tube go flying right in the middle of it! surprised he didn't rip his lower unit off! the bass fishing was actually pretty tough! I had to work real hard to get the ones I caught! I worked one stump for 20 minutes... threw jigs, crankbaits, chompers, and a buzzbait by it and then I threw a 7.5 in. rubber worm in with 1/64 oz. weight and got bit... broke my line on the hookset put another one on and 2 casts later boom a nice healthy 16 incher! started working that worm and a jig real slow and started catching more fish! I caught 2 fish just shaking the jig on the bottom! well here is a pic of the smallie! [​IMG]
    I caught a 20" smallie out there during memorial day weekend, let it go.... I was in a tournament out there and a guy brought in a smallie that weighed 4.84 lbs! that is a big smallie!