West Carrolton GMR ramp?

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  1. I was wanting to go to the GMR with my boat in West Carrollton tomorw. I am a first time boat owner and was wondering if that ramp is still accesible to boats? I thought I heard that ramp was being closed and wanted to know if that was true. Thank you for any response
  2. The ramp is open. People are launching there. If this is your first time in the river, be careful. There are alot more hazards in the river than impoundments. The river is ever changing, with underwater and floating obstacles. If you have mechanical issue, get it to shore, you will go over the lowhead and that will make for a bad time. As your running up river, remember the outside bend always stays deeper. If you cut too close to the airport side of the river you will find shallow water pretty quick when your rounding the curve towards I-75. The main channel is plenty deep and is easy to read. After you run up to River Rd. boat ramp, all bets are off. I am not familiar because of the shallow water. I have not been to far past River Rd. Ramp. Although I have seen Bass Boats running on plane up in the skinnie water. They must know the river well. I would not take the chance to run over riffles and shallow rocks. There is good depth all through there.

  3. Just a thought, but if this is your first time owning and running a boat I would suggest trying it out ikn one of the lake around here before taking it out on the river and possibly running into trouble. there are several lake in the area like eastwood which is a great lake for doing some test driveing in a new boat just be aware that every other day on the lake there are no wakes allowed. there is also ceasers creek lake, CJ brown. cowan lake and acton lales are also not to far from the dayton area but they are both limited to 10 horse power. just my 2 cents good luck whichever you descide!
    good fishing
  4. As of Tuesday, the docks were not in yet and the fishing stunk...
    I agree, the river is not a place to test out a boat, even at low flows , but the fact there are no docks in makes it a real bear to launch there ( at either ramp) I suggest a more controlled . easy to get help, easy to launch lake with ramps in, ( IE. CJ Brown is calling your name), or Eastwood but I dont know if the docks are in yet, as of last week, Not.

  5. ditto on the first time out issues of a river...not that any of us want to scare you away, just a different kind of boating - and til you are comfortable with the controls and how the boat manuvers in tight areas you might be better off in open water.