West Carrolton GMR ramp CLOSED for good?

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  1. Sat it aint so:( Salmonid and i were meeting up there today with his boat to do some fishing for a few hrs and found the ramp area is now "off limits". i honestly hope this isnt part of the conservancy's "trend" of blocking off access throughout the GMR watershed! it doesnt look very good considering they closed off the Miamisburg ramp and also blocked off parking/fishing access at numberous other locations last winter. Mark said he is giving the "Conservancy" a ring to see whats going on. [​IMG]
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    I cant believe that stuff, hopefully it isnt closed for good, if it is though the traffic at the upper ramp will be unbearable

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    this stuff is getting ridiculous, im gonna be pissed if its closed for good:mad:
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    Freaking Miami Conservancy...They've basically bought the whole river corridor and limit the hell out of its use. Hopefully if it is closed for good they put some lights at the River road ramp. I always hate parking at River Road because it seemed easy for someone to break into a vehicle there since its kinda hidden.
  5. I spoke with the grounds keeper for the area and found out that durring the winter months, when the river gets real high and then drops, the locals ( all retired gang) go nuts if the gate to the dam isnt opened within minutes after the wether breaks so after many phone calls, the MCD big wigs decided that the grounds keeper could open the area to the dam much quicker ( which would eliminate many calls to the people in charge) if he didnt have to always wait to get the backhoe delivered to clear the mud on the road past the dam turn off to the ramp so its official, the ramp at the dam is closed until March 15th or so. but......the little bit of good news is that the groundskeeper can now concentrate on getting the upper ramp opened quicker since he wont have to spend days clearing the area by the dam first like he used to have to do. Forget the lights down there, we have barked up that tree several times with no response.

    Now that the upper ramp will be opened late this afternoon, Im gonna try again tomorrow, Tom C?? are you still available? if so PM me.

  6. thats a shame. i live a mile from the dam and i fished there all my life. i hope it doesn't close. there isn't much safe night access to the river besides there
  7. well, if it gets the upper ramp opened sooner after the floods then thats cool i guess. that lower section of the pool isnt the best fishing anyways.