west carrolton boat ramp

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  1. the ramp is again open and they now have the dock in if anyone is interested........Mike
  2. Thanks, I was gonna drop by there after work yesterday to see if the gates were open and forgot. I am hoping to get out with the boat in the next day or two.
    Thanks for posting, I really hate when MCD keeps the gates closed that extra 3-4 days until the water has zero current in it.


  3. let me know when you are going and i will bring my boat up ..if you want some company.......Mike
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    thank goodness! last weekend i tried to go on sat and sun and the gates were locked both times! The water was moving quick but wasnt even that high. I think that more than one person should have the keys to open it up down there.
  5. i live in miamisburg and was wondering how to get to the boat ramps in WC.
  6. Where are you coming from in Miamisburg?
  7. mound rd. and is the current too strong for small boats like a 10 ft jon boat?