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  1. snake69

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    Never fished WB before and thinking of going in the morning. (Like to go at least one new place every year) Anyhow, any suggestions? After walleye...is it worth my time or should I stick to Berlin, Milton or Mosquito? Like I said, don't know anything about WB! I know alot of guys here fish it, so I'll wait for suggestions from you all!
  2. Probly not worth ur time for the eyes. Crappy or musky i'd say

  3. I would go to Berlin or Milton for eyes if you've never been to the Branch. They are in there and can be caught but it takes some time to learn the lake and it gets pretty crazy during the day.
  4. Talk about crazy boat traffic, I went boating at Berlin yesterday it was my scariest boat outing ever, I wouldn't pull the kids on the tube it was so bad, I'll take the branch any day of the week over Berlin for pleasure Boating.
    Berlin for fishing-W.B. for funning IMO
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    The walleye fishing at West Branch has not been very good this year.I would be putting my time in at Milton or Berlin to target the eyes............Mark
  6. Got to Love Milton at night but fish were in 15 fow also. WB for a day bite should have been on fire with the heat. Hooked some nice fish a few weeks back. Tricky when they move in or out. Best when they are in to stay or holding under you. The rest of these lakes are crawler harness. Good Luck!
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    Pulled in a nice walleye and bass yesterday afternoon right before the storm hit. About 2:30PM it started raining big pelting drops. We ran over to the beach area and climbed the clay cliff and ran for the pavilion. Then all hell broke loose. The rain was coming through the pavilion horizontially and we couldn't even see the lake 20 yards away.
    20 minutes later the sun came back out. Bailed the boat and went back fishing. Nothing the rest of the day.
  8. snake69

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I opted on Sunday to go to Berlin where I'm a bit more familiar. Still didn't do too well, lots of cats and bluegill. The gills were caught pretty deep too...16 to 20 fow. Did get wet for a little bit, but what the heck!