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  1. Lewzer

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    Taking a 1/2 day vacation today. Going to West Branch.
    If anyone sees a maroon Chevy PU between Knapp Rd and the spillway. Stop and say hello.
    We should have open water on the west end and the flow rates at the spillway are looking pretty good.

    Instead of eating fish tonight, I hope to be catching them!

    * 07-Mar-2008 * 08-Mar-2008 * 09-Mar-2008
    * 7AM 7AM * 7AM 7AM * 7AM 7AM
    Allegheny * 1307.5 3020 * 1308.2 3020 * 1308.8 3020
    Tionesta * 1107.7 1670 * 1107.6 2350 * 1106.6 2350
    Union City * 1249.8 1100 * 1249.6 1045 * 1249.2 993
    Woodcock * 1177.9 420 * 1176.6 420 * 1174.9 420
    East Branch * 1643.3 450 * 1642.9 450 * 1642.4 450
    Mahoning * 1126.0 1950 * 1125.1 2700 * 1123.2 2700
    Crooked Cr. * 876.9 1450 * 877.1 2100 * 876.6 2100
    Conemaugh * 942.3 4020 * 940.8 8800 * 936.5 12400
    Loyalhanna * 941.9 1550 * 941.1 2700 * 939.9 2700
    Stonewall * 1072.0 570 * 1071.8 570 * 1071.6 570
    Tygart * 1085.1 8850 * 1089.7 8850 * 1088.7 11500
    Yough * 1434.4 2150 * 1433.4 3400 * 1432.1 3400
    Kirwan * 984.8 200 * 984.7 420 * 984.2 720
    Berlin * 1026.5 950 * 1026.9 1320 * 1026.8 2000
    Milton * 942.2 975 * 942.2 1330 * 941.9 2200
    Mosquito * 900.9 270 * 900.8 670 * 900.7 670
    Shenango * 898.7 1700 * 898.2 2900 * 897.6 2900
  2. 'Lewzer'

    Where do you get the flow charts from and what is the key to knowing whether they are high or low?

    Good Luck Fishing!

  3. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

  4. TIGHTLINER.....You took the words right out of my mouth....see this stuff all the time but can't read it ....great question.
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  5. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Lewzer.......Just took the dog out, down by the creek and here where I live, (a few mins' from WB).......the snow storm is getting started......Enjoy your time off of work.......travel safe and leave some for us........ Have a good day man......JonSr.
  6. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Thanks Jon Sr.
    The snow is starting over here too. The truck has 4 studded snow tires so I'm not too worried about the snow.

    I always wanted to know who lives in that house on Cable Line Rd. between SR14 and Rock Springs Rd.
    That's my dream location for a house. Have any clue???
  7. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Still belongs to the state............as per state policy............state employes (rangers.....game wardens......etc....) are able to rent them from the state...I saw a program on this on TV a couple of years(or more ago) it's one of those job "perks" .........the last time someone mentioned that house you are talking about a game warden lived there...........it's been a while...so not sure now....... "Hell" OF A LOCATION FOR SURE........ state also owns house in the pines with nice pond on RSR across from state park storage area on big hill headed south.... Also own houses over by dam area.........It's cool program keeps these people close to work areas.....Keep dreamin...nothin wrong with that ..Jon Sr.
  8. I actually met the guy that lives there now w/ his family....I think he is in the parks maintenance or something.....Nice guy.....i was trying to lure / adopt a yellow lab that had been wondering around on knapp a few yrs back.....

    He actually called me a few weeks later to let me know that another dog, a black lab this time, was coming aroung for a week or so.....never saw him though....

    But, a nice guy......

    That is a primo location but the road sucks....and sucks bad....

  9. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    All the roads around here suck now after this crazy weather ! Never saw so many and such big potholes.
  10. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Whaler........ Cable Line, can be the all time road from hell....... thats why they kept it closed off for so long. No one wanted to take care of it. Sure will give your boat and trailer a wild ride at times..Must laugh.....signs used to read "Caution" Frost Damage.... Crap man....... a full blown assualt by a team of F18's could not do that much damage some of the time......Oh well....only leaves room for improvement............Jon Sr.
  11. Lewzer, did you catch anything?
  12. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Sorry MadMac,
    I just saw that. No I wasn't able to make it Friday. It took me over an hour to get from my house to Kames Friday. The roads weren't too bad it was the other stupid drivers.
    After Kames I went back to back to Wayne County and fished the Chippawa Creek for carp.
    No dice on that. They don't seem to like corn in the winter. Maybe worms would work better. Either that or the areas I'm fishing for carp are too shallow and not protected for the winter bite.

    I went out there Sunday. The flow looked real good at WB but the parking lot by the Mahoning wasn't plowed except for a small lane. I didn't feel like getting blocked in or getting flack from the ranger who was all over the place so I went to the Milton spillway.
    Milton was flowing too good with all chutes open. Took a few pictures and went to a private pond in Paris Township.
    The ice was crappy and was covering the part of the pond I wanted to fish. No dice there either.
    So after a very fustrating weekend I went home and went to bed.
    Pulled some crappie and a bass out of the freezer and fried them up on Monday instead to help control the fishing DT's.:(

    WB spillway flow looks good today. I'll try again this weekend.
  13. Thanks for the report. Open water will be here soon.