West Branch

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  1. Does anyone know if the brach is locked up yet? Never fished the ice there before, but was thinking about giving it a try ASAP.
  2. Lewzer

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    I was out there Saturday walking the shoreline fishing the creek channel where it comes close to shore. It was wide open Saturday.
    The back bays like Bixon Creek had skim ice on them.. I left about 7:30PM and it was 10 degrees and portions of the bays that were open in the morning were ice covered.
    I imagine the last two nights helped the ice some.

  3. I was out Sunday walking around, Still
    a lot of open water from the dam to the east ramp!
    Ice is thickening up in a few bays and jay lake areas.

  4. Thanks for the replies. Do any of you do any good trying to get eyes thru the ice at WB? I can hit them well there when I am in the boat, but never tried thru the ice. I would assume they are on or around the normal humps and points. Do they relate to the left over weeds thru the ice?
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    Mainly humps and points.
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    went out late afternoon 1-21. It was iced up from all I could see at the Rock Spring Rd launch ramp but it wouldn't hold my weight 230#.