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  1. hey all i moved to the streetsboro area and was scouting west branch the other day. how is that elevated bridge/pier structure over by the marina...is that a good area for crappies? any general areas on the lake where i can get some crappies...i dont need hotspots or secret holes or tactics advice---just general areas where i would have a good chance at gettin 5-6 crappies for a supper for myself. i like to get out n hike n find my own spots. thanks.
  2. try the bridge right on rock springs road. there's always people there catching crappie. lately, it seems as if they're catching more towards and after dark though. good luck

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    the rock springs rd bridge has been good i hear a 18 in plus crappie was caught a week ago at nite under there but it was a zoo with all the guys there,try the rocks at the dam i went fri.nite till after dark,and got a half doz small ones on a spinner,bait would have helped if i had planned it out earlier.
  4. thx for the help guys...i might go try w. branch tonight and drive by those spots. how is that elevated bridge/pier at the marina? anyone ever do any good on it or on the rocks nearby?
  5. I have never caught a fish off the pier. Then again, I only fished there twice in the winter cause I was desperate.
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    Get some minnows and go out there and try it for yourself. That's the only way to get an accurate answer. It should be good.