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  1. going to west branch with my dad and younger brother saturday, hoping to get my brother his first ski. and me first in two years. its been hard to get out after i moved away. how has wb been lately, clearity, temp, depth. any other tips would be good. we will be doing alot of casting little:T :B
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    clarity still stinks. have had no luck in 3 trips this spring. theree was some action back in silver creek but that was 2 weeks ago. some guys are short line trolling the shoreline at 4 mph. with little baits. i marked alot of fish and bait in the weedbed just on the other side of the bridge on the west end out in front of the gravel lot..i hope you score , that lake kills me...

  3. Esox, my luck there in the last 3 trips has been the same.

    That lake is evil.
  4. :S :S :S just got back late saturday thanks for the advice I should have just taken and not gone at all. But it was still a good time to go out with dad and brother. it was pretty windy out so boat control is hard at times but used the trolling motor to do my best. I just love that lake and all its coves and bays. hey thanks again.
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    I got skunked too. Trolled from 6am till noon. Tried monster shads and big bucktails on the west end and around Jay Lake. Weeds are growing fast in Jay Lake.
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    still a few in silver creek. lost a couple soft plastics to them today
  7. I tried silver creek I just like going back and getting out of the wind. there were a few boats back there I didnt see anybody else get anything. but good for those who do.