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West Branch

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lewzer, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Finally got activated. I been watching the wb reports but couldn't post.

    I been out at wb 11 of the last 12 days crappie fishing.
    I never fished this lake much in the past and when I did, almost always came away skunked.
    I've been showed what one guy called a beaver dam. Crappie have been in there pretty good. I don't understand why a beaver would build a dam in the middle of a bay totally underwater. I say it's a man-made brushpile. There are no trees chewed in the area unlike Nimisila in the C-5 bay where there are over 100 trees chewed and felled from the beave's.
    Anyway, I put my time in on the lake and found a few awesome underwater brushpiles. No wonder I hardly ever caught anything there. The fish are in these piles. It's been an awesome two weeks. Sunday(04/11) was slow. Saturday (10th)was good, Friday (9th)and Thursday (8th) were awesome! Most crappie are 11"-12" with a few larger and a few smaller.
    Caught on fatheads and rosie reds on a 4 or 6 hook under a slip bobber.
    Depending on the particular structure I'm sitting on the depth is 3'-18'.
    All fish released so far.

    MA you out there?
  2. Good job out there Mike. West Branch is an AWESOME crappie lake. Tough to figure out, but when you do, it's ON big time. LOL

    I'm going back Sunday to try my luck.


  3. Way to go! I wish I could get out there to learn the crappie habits and areas. I was out Saturday and got skunked. I hope to go again soon but this weekend I think i'm heading to erie instead.
  4. Some of those so called beaver dams are actually old beaver cuttings, there is a difference. Cuttings are piles of winter feed that the beaver cut and stash close to a lodge or bank den for when the water is frozen. Drops in water level may force the beaver to move or the beaver may have been trapped so the cuttings remain. Brush piles in the middle of a bay a long way from shore are probably remains from the pre-inundation days when brush and wood were bulldozed into piles to make way for roads for earthmoving equipment. Although it is possible that there may have been a beaver dam across a feeder cut when the res was filled I think it unlikely as the beaver pops back in the early 60's were about nonexistent around here. Wood and brush can last for many decades as the oxygen is lower in the water than on land so the wood rots much slower. That res is full of wood and brush and contrary to popular belief most are not beaver cuttings although some are. As Lewzer mentioned, there is evidence on the bank of cut saplings if the submerged brush is indeed beaver cuttings.
  5. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    When you guys talk about the willows are you referring to the cattails/small bushes around where Industry Rd. and Knapp Rd. intersect Rt 14? Or the shallow area where West Cable Line Rd. meets Rt 14?
    So far the best success for me has been west of Rock Springs, but I found some good spots around Goose Island (correct name?) and the campground. These are my next learning spots beginning Thursday or Friday and the weekend.

    I got the bug waaaaaay bad!
  6. THeyr'e also has been literally tons of brush piles, ie christmas trees & pallets sunk by ODNR at west branch. I think I may try out there next week.
  7. I attached a picture of what one type of willow looks like. Typically the willows i'm thinking of don't have that thick of bases and are much smaller... but the tops of the willows often look just like this but submerged in the water partially.

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  8. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    :) Hello all
    Last fall the DNR put in 3 new fish holding structures at the branch they are made of fiberglass tubes and are in 10 to 20 feet of water here are the GPS quadrants for them

    #1 N 41º 8’ 27.0” / W 81º 10’ 5.8”

    #2 N 41º 8’ 16.3” / W 81º 9’ 38.7” to N 41º 8’ 18.2” / W 81º 9’ 38.8”

    #3 N 41º 8’ 18.9” / W 81º 9’ 27.8” to N 41º 8’ 18.8” / W 81º 9’ 26.5”

    These are all on the west end of the lake along the south shoreline. I have trolled over them and they are already holding quite a few fish. 99% of the brush piles are put in west branch by a bass club working with the ODNR there are only 2 real beaver dams in the main lake.
    I did manage to catch my first muskie of the year Easter Sunday casting to a picnic table that was in the water down by the dam it was a nice fat 37 inches
  9. Thanks fffffish, I'll have to check them out sometime!
  10. Check teh Tournaments section. Crappie tournament there a week from Sunday on teh 25th. Sign up at West Branch Bait/tackle on Rt 14. Maybe I'll see you there.

  11. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    Fffish, let me know when you start heading back out to milton, i always try to look for you out there.
  12. Are the crappie in West Branch sizeable? I haven't crappie fished there in years and as I recall they were all pretty thin and small.
  13. Hey vc1111, if you go to my picture galley, all the crappie on the boat and the muddy water pix are of West Branch crappies. We threw back everything under 10".(except a couple small gill-hooked ones)

  14. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

  15. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Not today.
    April 14, 1994 not 2004. some coincidence.
  16. LOL. Should thin out a little by Sunday.
  17. Portage Lakes

    Portage Lakes OGF Member

    I have had a lot of luck night fishing at WB for Crappie with just enough light from my lantern to see the bobber.