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West Branch

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steely123, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Finally got some crappie at WB last night....nice ones.....

  2. Good news man... shore or boat?

  3. From shore.......

    right at dark....was using glo jigs w/ a taser light.....and fatheads....

    gonna get the ole' 9.9 lower unit oil changed today and that boat out there.....
  4. I am torn tween WB and skeeter for thurs hmnmmnmnn
    Don't know where to go at WB and skeeter is a drive...
  5. Go to Skeeter! THe best crappie hole in the state as far as size and numbers go.
  6. yea looks like it may be skeeter ... now weather will decide :)
  7. Fished WB from around 10 til 4 today, targeting crappies primarily. No crappies to show for the effort, but had what felt like a fairly nice 'eye on, but came up with only a nice shiny "cheek" and some weeds. He hit on a lipless crank trolling over a grassy hump. Landed one cat (around 3#) on a lipless crank just off the north shore west of Rock Spring Rd.

    Water temps only about 39-44 degress. A week should make a lot of difference!
  8. hmnnm hmnmnm hmnmmn
    Now I am confused maybe I'll get some stuff done around the house...
  9. If u had an elect you could do pretty good on WB.. Got some reports of some big pike up the creek and some crappies off the bottom around Knapps. Wont be long before the water is up making it a better bite. You will see me out there throwing cranks and trollin the edges. We trolled from one end of the railroad to the other and not to much goin on. Most fish are sittin shallow in feeders or muddy bays. Berlin! :rolleyes: Rock Springs was empty! Went to Skeeto at night throwing in the 305 bay and trolled the southend and counted 12 fish on the graph in 3 hours! What a run! I talked to a couple guys boating it and fishin at shore in the marina and not a fish. Looks like the fish went north! Mornin and evenins at WB and bring a light on a calm night to Skeeter or bare the elements! Might try Skeeter in the am at 88 throwin cranks first light. If the rain holds off. :cool:
  10. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    I live in Suffield 43-224 area and have never fished WB but would like to give it a try this spring. What is the best way to get there and which ramp is a good one for a 14' deep V with a 25hp outboard? Drove past it 2 times a day on 76 when working in Mecca at the high school. I looked at the map in the ODNR web site but really got confused. :confused: John
  11. Start a new thread with your questions and you'll have plenty of responses then...
  12. Go E on 224 to 183, turn left-N. on 183 to 18, turn right-E. Abt. 2 1/2 miles between the schools on the left is John Thomas Rd. Take it North to dead end. Turn Rt. then a quick left(Gilbert). Gilbert dead ends in the lake at the ramp parking lot. You can shore fish there also.
  13. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    An easy way for you is go north on 43. Go east on I-76 to SR225 exit (first one past the rest area). Turn left (north) on 225 to Cable Line Road. Turn left (west) go about 2 miles to Gilbert Road. Turn right (north). Dead ends in the parking lot for the east ramp.
  14. Hittin the water Tuesday afternoon! Got too get out and enjoy the sunshine. :B LOVE THE SMILIES GUYS! Well the stinks got to go! :D
  15. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    Is all of West Branch open now?
  16. Its down about 2 ft but im going to hit mid-lake. :B