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West Branch

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIG, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. This Is The Time Of Year When Fish Seem To School Up And Chase Big Schools Of Bait Fish Down. Some Can Be Seen And Some Hear. Bye Far The Striper Has Got My Vote. I Guess Some People Didnt Like What The Dnr Did, Said It Hurt The Muskie Fishing. Must Be Room For Both. If Any One Has Run Across These Fish, They Wont Go Home Unhappy. I Know We Didnt! Check Out The New Photo. Fish On! :)
  2. That is a heck of a fish.....west side or east side of lake if I may ask ?...

    that is a beauty....!


  3. All Three Fish I Caught Were Taken With In 10 Yrds. Of Eath Other. Two This Fall, And One In The Spring. Two Wieghed Oyer 12 #. (hybrid). Im Going Tonight To Try A Few Different Things. Got Some Nice Chubs! Ill Let You Know Were After I See How I Do. No Big Secret. Everyone Should Enjoy! :d
  4. Jig,

    Nice fish - but posting exact spot is not too sensible. Plus the stripers haven't been stocked for 12-14 years..they will live 30 years+ if people release them. If you put out the spot the few left will take a beating...couple more years your fish woulda pushed the state record. The hybrids are big there as well but like the stripers are no longer stocked...need released as well to maintain good fishing...I was over in PA last year and the 50lbers were from the original stockings (late 60's). Again, nice fish - and I bet your son was thrilled.
  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Good post M.A.. The conservation of our fisheries has to be kept in mind at all times. Do you know if there are any recent stats for the stripers in W. Branch?
  6. I Would Have To Agree With You M.a., But Most People Dont Have The Time To Spend Looking For These Fish. Ive Been On Them For The Last Few Years Finding Them In Different Places Each Year. The Past Couple Years , West Branch Has Gone Through Some Changes. Water Levels Have Been Higher Than Normal. Lack Of Weed Growth. Both Have Been Keeping Fish Down Or Out. Makes For Tough Fishing For Some. I Will Tell You This You Find The Prey, You Find The Predator. As For Your Inquire On Striper Stats, The Guy At The Bait House Said Years Ago The Would See Alot Of Schools In One Night. Now I Only Can Get In A School With About 30-50 Fish. I Know Theres Got To Be More. (hybrids) Fished The Lake Last Night, Managed To Get One 6# Eye. Going Again In The Morning. Fish On ! :)
  7. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    is the campground still open?? and hows the water level and clarity on the main lake?? temps??
    thanks a bunch.
  8. The Main Lake Is Clear With Surface Temps Rising To Low Fifties From The Rain. You Can Hear The Crappies On The Calm Nights. This Time Of Year The Full Moon Is Best But You Dont See It Much! ;)
  9. ohioman76

    ohioman76 Avid Crappie Hunter

    I don't see any photo.
  10. Go To Picture Gallery Jig
  11. im with master angler on this one... those fish gotta be put back... more people need to release fish like these for future fishing, they're never gonna get to be trophies guys, if you keep eating them! i know you have every right to keep the fish, but to take something like that home for table fare...!?! i got a 40" 29 lber 3 yrs ago and the crappie guy who took my photo with it couldnt believe i released it. just cant kill a beast like least i could not.. anyway, nice catch for you and the boy..maybe think twice next time she hits........
  12. I Released All The Stripers I Caught This Year But This One. I Droped Him Off At The Taxi. I Like To Eat Fish But Im Releasing All The Female Eyes I Catch Except For One. State Record Fish. I Do Believe In Preserving Fish Like These For Future Fishing. I Did Hear Of A 42#- 22# Caught This Year And Dont Think The Fish Were Released. Seems Like Most People Dont Catch Much Out There A Keep What They Catch! I Released A Ton Of Lake And Pit Fish, Only To Keep Jacks And Nice Slabs. Thanks Bob! :)
  13. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    Jig, i'd have done same thing. Nothing wrong with keeping a few fish...especially when they are non native, non reproducing, and were placed there for fishermen to take. Also, didn't they stop stocking them because no one reported catching any?
  14. The Last I Heard The Dnr Stopped Stocking The Lake Because Of The Musky Turnies. They Claimed They Were Eating All The Bait Fish. My Taxy Is Sending A Scale Sample To The Dnr.(akron) See What They Say. The Striper I Caught Was Stocked By Them. We Will Have To Wait-n-see How Big The Hybrids Get. I Think The State Record For Them Is Only 20#, And 37# For The Big Dogs. Ill Have To Ask Them If They Catch Any In Traps Or Nets. Keep You Posted!

    Jig ;)
  15. Jig,

    Very nice fish. I would have kept her too. Some people get carried away with releasing everything. If you are a responsible fisherman than you do what you know is right. They stopped stocking those fish so what is the big deal.
    It would be nice to have a lake up north with some stripers continually stocked. They are fun fish to catch. Heck, I have to go to North Carolina to get my fix!
  16. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    What do you have against muskie right from the start and several of you posts since you stated the reason stripers were no longer stocked was because it hurt muskie fishing were are you getting your information. The only reason stripers are no longer stocked is MONEY The state felt it was not worth the cost because of the returns they were getting and when they did decide to quit stocking there was no protests made to even make them think about changing their minds. You also stated we complained they were hurting our tournaments because they were eating all the baitfish. This is simply not true. The primary food source for muskie is shad. If you have ever trolled West Branch and have run over the schools of shad so thick that they set off your bottom alarm 3 feet down in 20 feet off water and totally block out the bottom you would know better them to make that statement. One of the reasons muskie fishing is so hard at West Branch is there is too much bait. Here are a few things you can thank the muskie clubs for at West Branch. The new lights in the parking lots Chapter 23 attained the grants and pushed them through the Division of WaterCraft to get them installed. The new dock ethic signs at the ramp bought and paid for by Chapters 19 and 23 the new No Wake Zone signs that will be put up on the Rock Springs road bridge this coming spring bought and paid for by Chapters 19 and 23. The reflectors put on the end of the ramp docks were put there by Chapter 19. The new sonar/ fishfinder on the park patrol boat to help place marker buoys was bought and paid for by Chapter 23. If you are camping and your kids do not have fishing tackle you can barrow some from the park all bought and paid for by Chapter 23. Also if you have ever fished Harvey pond and seen how weed infested that pond is Chapter 23 bought and stocked the grass carp in it to help clean it up some. When the state canceled the installation of the new boat ramp in the campground the muskie clubs helped in a letter writing campaign to help get the grants from the Division of WaterCraft to get them built. I can name more projects we are involved in at Lake Milton, Pymatuning, and the Mahoning River just to name a few. Sorry for the ranting but it gets me upset when muskie are blamed for all the bad things that happen when people do not have the true facts. Also chapter 23 was having a tournament the day you caught that fish under the bridge nice fish by the way. Most of our members would like to see some stripers stocked in West Branch again we get them from time to time and all are released.
  17. Muskie fishing is hard at WB? I always thought it was pretty easy to hook into a muskie at WB? Seriously though, it never fails that they seem to bite at our lures while bass fishing. Maybe the trophy muskies are what's harder to come by?? We've only caught them up to about 3 foot or so.

    Rick, Sounds like you and your club and the other chapter have done some wonderful things at West Branch and surrounding lakes. I'd like to personally thank you for being part of that effort and improving our resources! It's people like you and your club that we are happy to see on the lake and on the streets.

    Thanks again,
  18. Great Article Fish! I Wish More People Would Speak Out. It Helps Guys Like Me Get It Straight! I Dont Think Half The People Out There Now How Much People Like Yourself And Members Of This Forum Do For These Lakes And The People That Fish Them, Everyone Seems To Take It For Granted! Sad! I Know What It Means To Me. Thanks! I Have Tried To Contact The Dnr To See What They Can Tell Me About West Branch. Its A Great Lake! I Did See Some Guys Trollin That Day. Looked Pretty Rough! I Never Ment To Blame The Muskie Club, Just All I Knew. As For The Bait Fish, Yes There Is A Ton Of Bait Fish In That Lake And I Have Run Across Schools Of Both Shad And Shinners. Thanks For The Information! The Next Time Someone Tells Me The Muskie Club Stopped The Stocking Of Stripers Ill Tell Them There Full Of It! Jig :)
  19. 'fffffish' I would be interestd in hearing about the programs you guys are involved in on the Mahoning River....
  20. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    Here is a link to 1 we helped sponsor this year that was advertised on this site.

    This is a group that is dedicated to get the Mahoning river cleaned up of all the pollutant from the steel mills that accumulated behind the head dams from Warren to the PA border. We thought this was a good project to get behind because the Mahoning river was the first place Muskie were ever documented in North America this is part of the history of muskie fishing. We were part of the committee that put the proposal together for the federal government and we will also supply the fish biologist for future presentations.
    For more information go to our web site at and click on the Muskie Information button . Also read the (We are Members of the Mahoning River Consortium) at the bottom of the home page.