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  1. DC22


    Thinking about trying WB on Sun. morning. Anybody have any luck there lately? Was there 3 times earlier this summer, not much action then. Looking for eyes or smallies.
  2. Bulldawg

    Bulldawg Bulldawg

    Spent almost 12 hours out there today. I was primarily musky fishing but did bass a little bit. The cold front shut the bass down , but didnt affect the musky at all. I had action from six muskies, one being close to 48 inches. Lake is down 2 foot or so, and water temp. were 73 this morning and 75 this evening.

  3. How is the best way to get to the West Branch from Newbury in Geauga County and the East Branch? Not sure how to get to either one. Thanks.
  4. snag


    to wb take 44south to rt 14 in ravenna turn left on 14 to rt 5 crossroads turn left on rt 5 past the jeep dealer watch for rocksprings rd sign to west ramp or go further down to wayland rd go right and follow signs into park and to the east ramp it,s is near the marina and the dam.to east branch go 44 north from rt 87 east on 322 to rt 608 turn right go across rr tracks across from golf course is the entrance where the ramp is at.. hope that helps..