West Branch / White Bass?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by portabote jim, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. I'm camping at West Branch this weekend and would appreciate any advice.... I'm most interested in catching anything easy as I'm taking my two younger kids (4 & 7). I've never been fishing there and advice on where, what to use and what to expect is appreciated.

    Secondly, I have fished quite a bit at Ladue this year and have caught a ton of what looks like White Bass, but not really. Are they White Perch? They're actually pretty big compared to the other panfish I've caught there and fight pretty well for their size.

  2. steelmagoo

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    They're white perch. Can't keep 'em off the hooks sometimes.

  3. I'm no pro but I do put in my fare share at WB. Been there twice in the past two days and unfortunately the fishing is pretty slow. You may find some crappie near any submerged timber. I did see quite a few bass fisherman out today but I have no idea how they did. As for my effort...one 6" catfish. Was targeting walleye but had zero luck in that department. Hope you have a good time.
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    camping at west branch....hmmm..have fun and please post some pics of the new campground..i'm thinking about coming up there before ice arrive.. :D
    not sure if you are into carp fishing or not, but there are lots of them in west branch and are relatively easy to catch from the bank..fun for the kids too..simply throw some canned sweetcorn out there to chum an area, put several kernals on size 4 or 6 hook..and cast out to where you chummed the area..sit and wait..