West Branch...water clarity?

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  1. Has the lake color settled down any in the last week or so?

    I was wondering how much damage the recent rains did out there. I'm hoping the lakes clears a bit because the last time I was there (about 2 weeks ago), I had a hard time maintaining confidence; it was that muddy/stained/colored, whatever you want to call it...it just was not as clear as it normally is.
  2. Just got back Vince. It's a little clearer than it was. I got there about 1830 and you could see some mud lines on the north shore. Wind and boat traffic. I got skunked again but my wife wants to go with me in the morning. Plan to be back there about 0530 so we can troll until about 1030.

  3. Thanks, Steve. If you can keep me posted and let me know when things pick up out there.
  4. Got that muskie skunk smell out of the boat this morning with a 32" little guy.
  5. crittergitter

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    Good job Mac. That's a start. This hot weather should get them turned on and biting a little more consistent.

  6. Thanks CG. Got another one this morning. 35".
  7. Good job Steve, you and the ski's are on fire!
  8. Way too go bud!!! Two for two!
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    Good job Steve. Were they deep or shallow? Casting or trolling?

  10. esox62

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    took the skunk today. clarity was pretty good on the west end and not bad on the east end. temps were at 80...off to pyma.