West Branch the last few weeks

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    I've been taking leeches along with the minnows I normally use at West Branch the last few outings. The minnows have been doing poor, mainly taking really small crappies. The leeches on the other hand have been fantastic. For the most part I've been catch big bull bluegill on the leeches with a few walleyes thrown in when dragging the jigs.
    I may end up taking only leeches if it keeps up. $2.50/dozen at Eddies.
    I'll be out there either Friday night or Saturday all day/night.
    I just can't break my West Branch habit for Nimi.
    That lake is addicting.
  2. Hey Mike. Glad to hear you've been catching. I've been on vacation this week and last. The muskie fishing has been pretty good. Boated 7 so far. Largest has been 41".

  3. We camped there tues. & wed. Trolled for muskies but never got a tug. Usually we catch what we fish for but these fish still elude us. I'm not giving up though. Trolled about 4 hours each day. Eventually, someday we'll catch one. Now it's back to Erie where the fishing is easy.
  4. Lewzer, I have used leeches before in Michigan and Wisconsin and have caught all kinds of fish, Bass ( large and small mouth ) pike,walleye,BIG bluegill,crappie,perch,rockbass, just about everything in the lake. A slip bobber and a small jig and leach is DEADLY, for some reason I have not used leaches around here ?? maybe because they are not readily available, I have got to start again. Thanks ;)
  5. ok where is Eddies. I have gone to WB bait and tackle forever. would be out there today with my 11 year old captain but out to my daughters travel ball tourney. thought maube the rain would change that...but softball it is. Jarett and I will be out there soon enough. We got one musky this week but no walleye. We will be trying the leeches next time out. maybe tomorrow

  6. Where can you buy leaches at WB? The only bait place I know of by WB is on the west side of the park, off 14. I'm not sure of the name of it, but I didn't think it was Eddie's.
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    For those of you that are looking for leeches per this thread......they are available at Mark's Live Bait......located on Lake Rockwell Road off of rt.14..... his phone no. is 330-221-5213........give him a call and you'll be surprised at what you find at this location.....he'll tell you how to get there.......also plenty of information on fishing in portage county.......
  8. try a Google map search, that way you can put in your address and get directions.

    Nice job Lewzer on the catches
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    Guys, I'll be open all weekend and do have a good supply of large leeches on hand.........................................................................................................Mark 2209 Lake Rockwell Road Ravenna,Ohio 44266 330-221-5213
  10. Mark, what are your hours, and about how far are you off 14. I'd like to get out early sometime this weekend, but waking up an 8 year old can be tough sometimes. Thanks.
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    I'm open from 5am till at least 7pm 7 days a week.I even get phone calls as late as midnight from guys looking for bait.As long as I'm home(after 7pm) I will open the doors for anyone needing live bait or tackle...................I'm 2 miles west of Rt14, or if your coming from Ravenna, take a left Dawley Road(Lintz Collision is on the SE corner) till it dead ends into Lake Rockwell.Go left and I'm 1/2 mile down on the right hand side.I have a couple of signs out by the road, you can't miss them..............Mark
  12. How has the area been by the launch on Rock Spring Road launch on the right? Yes, The shallow gravel one.
  13. CMILLER. I was heading over there tonight (7:00). How shallow is it?
  14. I don't know. I was planning on putting a canoe in way early tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get some eyes'.
  15. I just got back. I threw everything at them from 8:00 till midnight. I caught one nice WB channel at about 11:00PM. It was 15 to 18 inches long and fat. It was in great shape. Know sign of fanning or whatever. It hammered it pretty good. I caught it on a blue gill head. By the way; there is a LOT of chum in that area now.