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West Branch Sunday 4/18

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Well, the crappie continue the assault on my jig/minnow combos. Not big numbers, but hey, we caught fish. LOL. Ended up with 11 keepers, lost 5 REAL nice ones due to me and my fishing buddy's stupidity, threw back one smaller fish. Got one Fish Ohio for my trouble, and we saw one of the beautiful bald eagles out there.
    Also, did some early scouting for next Sunday's West Branch Bait/Tackle Crappie Tournament. I'm signed up and ready to fish. Worked some on a pattern for them today, plus scouted out some deeper timber that was holding fish that would bite. No giants, but they're starting to move in. By next week, EN FUEGO!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get 'er done!!!

    Pictures have been posted in teh "photo gallery" section.

  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    hey carl
    mark and i fished from 10:30-5 and only 1 crappie we fished every spot that you can think of from nap to the boat swiming area shallow and deep we could just not find them .........nice day to be in the sun......... jim

  3. Hey Jim, I caught a few last Friday after being blanked at Mosquito. It was so nice out that I stopped at West Branch on the way home. I put the boat in around 11 oclock and went to that bay across from the dam boat ramp. I went as far back as I could go and worked my way out. The fish were in the heavy cover and you had to hit them in the head with the jig and minnow. They started to turn on around 2 oclock and I managed to get around 24 nice crappie. The water temp in the back bay was 53 degrees but the fish were really cold when you took them off the hook. I think a few more warm days with no flooding rain will really turn then on.....JIM